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I've loved a missing person

I've been asked by people before if I've had a loved one go missing, or if I've ever lost someone I cared about. The answer to both of those questions is yes. Yes I have. I know what it feels like to never have that chance to say goodbye. The following post is about the person I loved and lost to a mysterious disappearance and a tragic death.

His name was Glen, the twin brother of one of my closest friends. Our relationship was brief, even though we had lived together for a while as platonic friends and roommates, but once we were together it was amazing. We never fought, got along famously, and had everything in common.

Unfortunately for the two of us: We were both young and stupid. We partied a lot, were irresponsible, did drugs (I was barely an adult [still a teen]) and lived for the next tattoos on our wishlists. It was because of this that we ended up separated early into our relationship. First it was due to an arrest that put over three hours between us, which may …