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My domestic violence story

My domestic violence story was just one of the 1.3 million (annual) cases, but it's one that shaped who I am today and pointed me onto the many paths I've taken in my life to get to where I currently am. It's a story that I've only penned one time -- and that was to a judge in Arizona  (I'll explain that later). So I guess this is the first time I've ever told the story on a mass level. Before I get into it, I must warn all of my readers that this story may contain 'triggers' which may inflame PTSD in survivors of domestic violence. So you've been warned. **Names have been changed**

  I met "Johnny" when I had just turned 19-years-old. His dad "John Sr." moved up to the mountains with "Johnny" and his little brother "Carl," and they were becoming friendly with others who lived in the area -- which included my family and neighbors. "Johnny" was close in age to me -- 22, I believe -- and on the mountai…