Travis Alexander Crime Scene Photos

Warning: The following photos are extremely graphic and are in no way suitable for anyone of any age, ever. However, they are being shared for educational purposes pertaining to the current trial. Please share them as you need, link to them all you want. Let these photos be shown to as many people (who are willing to see them) as possible.

People who think Jodi Arias acted in "self defense" appear to be in a minority, but it's still unnerving to consider that anyone could be okay with what she did to him under such a charade of a reason. Looking at these photos of Travis leaves such a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach that I just can't fathom the rage she must have felt to inflict the fatal wounds he suffered. The following compilation comprises of some of the autopsy and crime scene photos -- but not all of them. I will be adding more periodically as I find high quality ones (not sharing low quality ones).

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