Bryeon Hunter: Is Mother Covering for Boyfriend?

If you follow all of my coverage of this case on Gather News, you'll know by now that the three men accused of kidnapping Bryeon Hunter have been cleared of any involvement. Instead, officials believe the mother has lied to them about what happened. What's worse: They believe the child was murdered and dumped in the Des Plaines River.

As of late Wednesday night, officials were questioning both the mother and her boyfriend -- but no other details have been made available. Some sources have reported, however, that the child might have been beaten to death for not potty training fast enough. He's only a year old -- far too young to be adequately trained enough to grasp the concept of potty training. If these claims are true in the disappearance of Bryeon Hunter, then the person who did this is violently stupid, and doesn't deserve to live in this society.
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Anonymous said...

This story is so upsetting, I am a mother of a 2 year old son who is still not potty trained and never in my mind would fathom a mother doing this to their child. If there are any neighbors or family members who knew of the abuse of this child they should have spoke up sooner. God bless this innocent child, and if he is gone may god rest his soul he definatly did not deserve this. I pray for him and his family that they may find peace after this tragedy. Sincerely, a concerned parent, Chicago IL.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with these young black mothers now a days stop having babies if you don't want to be responsible enough.........