Help me find April Beth Pitzer

I've been contacted by the mother of April Beth Pitzer regarding her disappearance -- which is now around nine years deep. Gloria Denton is just as devoted today to the search for her daughter as she was the very moment she realized that she was missing. This maternal devotion is something that has kept the case alive all these years, but there is always the need for helping hands -- and the more hands, the better. So if you're interested in showing even a small amount of support, consider 'liking' the Facebook page for the missing woman CLICK HERE.

June 28, 2004 was the last known date she was seen alive when an acquaintance is reported to had dropped her off in the 30000 Block of Caspian Way in Newberry Springs, California. Over the course of nearly a decade April's case has remained unsolved with so many twists and turns and odd characters that the entire thing is stranger than fiction -- and far more confusing than any complex mystery story. This isn't a fiction tale, however, but a true story of a missing mother and her family who still continues to seek answers that may never come to them.

As a criminal profiler it's my job to study each and every single fact about this case, every single detail about this missing woman and the months, perhaps even years, leading to her disappearance. As a writer, it's my duty to share everything I can in hopes of reaching a wide audience that will continue sharing awareness of this missing woman -- and as someone who lives next to the  harsh Nevada-California desert, I feel that it's now my duty to join in the physical search for April Beth Pitzer.

Over the next several weeks the posts on this blog will be heavily focused on April's case. In the meantime, I am asking all of my readers to please become familiar with her disappearance, her story. Follow the Facebook page dedicated to her case. Share the flyers on your social networking profiles. Be active in helping this missing woman's family get the closure they need.