Mar 22, 2013

Dear Edmund

I sent my first letter to convicted serial killer Edmund Kemper a couple of days ago, and I am nervously awaiting his reply -- though I am not getting my hopes up. I've heard that he's very selective in who he corresponds with, so I won't be too shocked if I never hear anything back at all. So I've decided that since my UPS box was $135 for six months (ouch, ouch, ouch) I'm going to write as many prisoners as I can to at least make it worth the money I've paid.

I've compiled a list of notorious killers and serial killers and their mailing addresses, including Christa Pike, Joel Rifkin, Susan Smith (the woman who drowned her kids) Charles Manson and the unabomber. I've heard that at least Charles Manson and the unabomber write back frequently. That's what I like to hear :)

Here's to hoping we begin some learning experiences this spring, summer and beyond!
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