Seven Girls Raped and Strangled in Las Vegas

Over a span of nearly 20 years, at least seven women were kidnapped, raped and strangled in the Las Vegas area. What's more disturbing is that throughout the entire state of Nevada there are similar unsolved crimes. However, I focused on these seven cases because they are glaringly similar and it's upsetting to know that the Las Vegas Metro Police Department never publicly acknowledged the possibility of a serial killer. The obvious connections between the murders of these girls stand out so boldly I had no choice but to write up an extended analysis of their cases as I see them.

Those seven girls include Susan Rae Perron, Jody Marie Miller, Vickie Lynn Brekke, Gerri Ann Ralston and others.

I believe after reading "The Sin City Strangler" you'll agree with me. These seven girls were killed by one person, a sexual predator who used the suburbs of Las Vegas as his hunting grounds and the outskirts as his dumping grounds. This person could still be alive, either rotting away in a nursing home or in the comfort of his own home where he can watch his grandkids grow. He could also be dead -- the secrets of the murders taken to his grave. There are just so many unanswered questions, so many different mysteries tied to the one big mystery.

As of Feb. 19, 2013, "The Sin City Strangler" has been available on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle reading app (on any device) and it is already in the top 100 for true crime stories. I think we need to make it in the top 10, not for me, but for the seven girls who may never see justice. The more people who know their story, the more people there are to remember these young girls -- and that's more than what Las Vegas did for them, evidently.

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If you want it on your Kindle or other reading device/app, it can be found on Amazon
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