Mindy McCready was doomed to die tragically

While I didn't listen to her music (or much else country for that matter), I'm sad about the death of Mindy McCready. I'm sad because this was a truly and deeply sad lady who lived a tragic life, whose final years in the spotlight were the buildup to her even more tragic death. It wasn't more than a year ago that Mindy was in the news for allegedly kidnapping her youngest son and hiding out with him. She later defended her actions, claiming that she was "protecting her son." Other than that, she had a public battle with substance use, even doing a stint on a celebrity rehab program.
When Mindy saw better days... I could take the same route as other sources and share photos documenting her fall from grace, but I think we should remember her during this moment. A sad woman in the spotlight of false perfection. Her eyes told a story to which not enough people paid attention.

The news of her suicide wasn't a shock, but it was a sad reality. It was the same kind of sad reality that dawned the day Amy Winehouse was confirmed dead. Mindy McCready was doomed to die tragically, and it was something that apparently couldn't have been stopped. A month after her boyfriend reportedly took his own life, Mindy shot her dog and then shot herself, bringing an end to her suffering permanently. She was a sad woman. She was lonely. She had her heart broken too many times. And while she loved her children very much she just couldn't seem to keep it together long enough to keep them in her custody without state/familial intervention.

Mindy was a study in human failure as well as the failure of society as a whole. 
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