Kira Trevino update: Evidence in Home Led to Arrest

Kira Trevino update: Officials have clarified in a press conference that the arrest of Jeff Trevino came after "sufficient evidence" was located in the home. This information was updated at 1:03 p.m., PST, after the same news source had reported the original arrest of the missing woman's husband. He can be seen in the accompanying photo shown with his missing, presumably murdered, wife.

Officials are not clarifying on the evidence found in the home, but there is a roommate in the home who is reportedly cooperating with the investigation. One piece of evidence missing in this case is the body of the missing woman, though. Officials have not acknowledged whether or not they know where she might be or if Jeff Trevino has admitted or confessed to anything.

This is tragic update in a very sad case, but there might still be a shred of hope that Kira Trevino is alive somewhere and that there could have been an investigative error leading to the arrest. Still, the investigators on this case seem to be quite experienced, so this is just bad news all the way around. Hopefully there is closure for Kira's loved ones.