Deanna Stires murdered after meth binge

An arrest has finally been made in the Deanna Stires murder after about a month.  It's a bout time too, because the lack of information coming from police was starting to get a bit unnerving. It's a bittersweet moment to inform my readers that I was correct in my speculation all along surrounding the disappearance and death of the 18-year-old Florida girl, and I doubt that I'll ever get an apology from snarky readers who were dead wrong in their comments to me. I speculated all along that her lifestyle of drug abuse and criminal behavior may be tied directly to her murder, and it seems that the man who confessed to killing her echoed my sentiments nearly word for word.

It's a shame that this young lade met the demise she met, and its even more upsetting that her name was not honored by those who wanted to ignore obvious clues to what might have happened to her. Was the man who was arrested someone these people all knew in the area? Was he someone they all partied with? This is something I suspect, because I've found that communities tend to protect their own even in the face of a grisly crime and loss of another. When groups of drug addicts pull together and try to cover up their crimes, it's because none of them want to lose the convenience of partying and doping up together. I speculate that there will be more arrests in this case because I wouldn't be surprised if some of this slain woman's friends knew what happened to her all along.
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