Calling all Same Sex Couples: A New Type of Protest

As many of you know, Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Gresham, Oregon refused to sell a wedding cake to a same sex couple recently. This is in violation of Oregon state law and is discriminatory on the same level as "whites only" establishments. Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of the establishment, have been very public and open about their hatred for homosexuals as well as people of other races. Their shop is still open and operating and they are belligerent in refusing to offer service to same sex couples.

Lately there have been protesters standing outside the Oregon cake shop, and that's great. Peaceful protests are a constitutional right and a tradition in this country. But would you be up to a protest that actually achieves something? Call it passive action, but I would like to see as many same sex couples as possible show up to try to purchase a cake from Sweet Cakes by Melissa -- and I want to see this done while openly decreeing that the purchase is for a "same sex union," wedding or some other similar function.

Do you want to know why I want all of you to get involved with this? The answer is simple:

The state of Oregon fines businesses a MINIMUM of $50,000 PER OFFENSE when it comes to discrimination of this caliber. As you all know, Aaron and Melissa Klein are currently being investigated on the single offense as we know it. And they are not even making the slightest attempt to hide the fact that they directly discriminated against a lesbian couple -- illegal in Oregon. So this means they will most likely be fined that $50,000.

So consider the financial ramifications the Kleins would suffer if they were investigated for not one, but five cases? What about a dozen? What about 50 accusations of direct discrimination? What about more than that?

Please, same sex couples of the Pacific Northwest (and beyond), I implore you. Demand that Sweet Cakes by Melissa sell you their delicious hateful anti-gay wedding cakes and cupcakes. Be up front with them that this is for a loving union between two men or two women who love one another. Do this, please, and when they refuse service, file the reports against them as they are violating state law. At $50,000 per violation, we could show them the power of true civil rights protest.

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