Kara Nichols was Definitely a Prostitute

I'm a little annoyed with the mother of Kara Nichols, and while I understand that it's tough  being the mother of a missing woman, there is no excuse to manipulate and withhold vital information. I am the first one who exposed the missing Colorado woman's prostitution advertisements in November when one surfaced here in Las Vegas as well as Colorado. Since then her mother has publicly claimed on Facebook and to the media that these things were not true about Kara and that they had nothing to do with her disappearance. Officials on the case even discredited the escort ads. Now all of a sudden Kara's mother has decided to admit that, yes, Kara was a prostitute. Not only that, she was into drugs. That's not all: Her mother admits that the prostitution may have something to do with Kara's disappearance.

I've speculated for months that Kara Nichols vanished while participating in shady behavior. I had already expressed my suspicion that she was involved with drugs and prostitution, having sensed it the first time I saw her Model Mayhem profile, which states that she is "extremely open minded."

I am disappointed in her mother for not acknowledging these things earlier in the case, for her acknowledgement might have powered a more intense search on the behalf of law enforcement. Instead, they echoed the mother's sentiments and disregarded the Las Vegas prostitution advertisement. My speculation sometimes attracts negative attention, and that's to be expected. But this latest development is an excellent example of why I say speculation is important. What if some vital clues were missed due to a lack of attention to important details? What if the family's unwillingness to consider this element led to Kara's demise? It's been over three months since Kara vanished. If she was taken into human trafficking and if she was hooked on drugs, it's really hard to imagine that she's alive right now. Had the prostitution idea been immediately investigated and pressured into detectives, she might have been found already -- especially since she had been (allegedly) posting ads in both Colorado and Las Vegas.
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