How Israel Keyes Murdered Samantha Koenig

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This will be my last post regarding Samantha Koenig, as it appears that her story has come to an end. The only suspect in her case, the man who confessed, killed himself on Sunday. Now there are no other directions to go in the trial. The family of the slain Anchorage woman will likely never have the closure they deserve due to Israel Keyes escaping the criminal justice system through the coward's way out -- and the latest details pertaining to the woman's death probably won't help in this emotional time.

As I end my coverage of the Samantha Koenig case, I want to say thank you to everyone who has collaborated with me, in particular psychic profiler Carla Baron as well as Tammie Counts and her son Chris Bird (aka Whyte Tyson).

I've covered this case from day-one and it was highly emotional with times of great conflict between myself and some of the community of Anchorage. Nonetheless, I had always said that a serial killer was responsible for Samantha Koenig's disappearance and I was right -- though the feelings of being right are bittersweet at best.

The following links are archived coverage of the case written and analyzed by me:

Samantha Koenig coverage by Chelsea Hoffman on Gather News
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The following is the interview video released by the FBI:

And this video is the surveillance that shows Israel Keyes abducting Samantha Koenig:

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stentor said...

If she had simply kept an oiled, reliable and loaded revolver tucked under the counter plus some hours of shooting at a local range, she could have delivered what his rat eaten head was seeking after all. Instead she ends up with some curious fish nibbling at the pieces, no hours left to do anything ever.