Did Dylan Redwine's Father Kill Him?

It seems that Dylan Redwine's father is the focus of suspicion after he has been missing for over two weeks. I have been covering this case extensively on Gather News, but have tried to remain as unbiased as possible during my cover and continual analysis. His family has been resilient in defending him online, which was made apparent in the comments section on a few of my Gather News articles. I respect his family members' need to defend their loved one -- who wouldn't defend their beloved brother, uncle or cousin if his name was being dragged through the mud online and in the media? Anyway, there are some new developments in the boy's case; Elaine Redwine has directly accused Mark Redwine of essentially failing a polygraph test. If this is true, then new elements have been added to the case.

The following is my analysis on the disappearance of the 13-year-old Colorado boy. I don't know if I should share my complete opinion on what I think happened to him, but maybe my thoughts will come out as this analysis is written.

Dylan Redwine arrived where he would be in his father's care on November 18th. It was by the next day that he would go missing. His mother says that when he arrived he sent her a text message saying so, but left a sad face emoticon -- indicating that he either didn't want to be there, or was troubled by something.

November 19th - - Dylan vanished sometime between 7:30 a.m., and 11:30 a.m.; At this time Mark Redwine claims that he had been out running errands -- leaving Dylan alone. This is a time frame of four hour, so that means there is a total of four hours that we do not know what happened. I must point out that Mark Redwine is being scrutinized in online discussion for leaving Dylan alone while he ran errands, saying that if he truly wanted to spend time with him he wouldn't have. But I say that this is not abnormal behavior, necessarily. Perhaps Dylan didn't want to be out and about running errands at 7:30 in the morning during his Thanksgiving vacation? This could also be indicative of Mark Redwine being dishonest, but I don't sense any red flags here, exactly. There are other elements to this case that are more disturbing than leaving a 13-year-old home alone for four hours.

Over the course of the past  two weeks+ there have been very little clues in what happened to Dylan. His mother Elaine Redwine has been very vocal publicly about her suspicion against his father. She believes Mark Redwine did something to the teenager -- even attributing it to jealousy and possessiveness as they are going through a custody battle. Statistically, this does raise red flags since custodial battles are frequent motivators in parental abductions or crimes against children.

The latest update involves the polygraph test. Police won't confirm or deny the claims that Mark took a polygraph test -- and the results being inconclusive. These are claims that were made on the air to Nancy Grace by Dylan's mother.

It's hard to discern bitterness from genuine concern in this case. Elaine and Mark Redwine went through a nasty divorce and their custody battle appears to be equally, if not more, nasty. So it's hard to tell whether or not Elaine Redwine is serious in her public suspicions against Mark. Could this man truly be responsible for the disappearance of his own son? Seeing as though cadaver dogs have hit on the boy's scent at a nearby lake, is it possible that Mark murdered him? These are thoughts that one has to consider while looking at all of the possibilities in the case.

While statistically the father of the boy seems to be the most logical target of suspicion, there is also another variable in the case -- Dylan is believed to had been hitchhiking to meet friends the day he vanished. Could he have met foul play while hitching a ride? This is so highly likely that it's impossible to ignore, so I really find it hard to speculate on the father being responsible or the possibility that he was abducted. What I do know is that I agree with officials on the case who have said that it's unlikely for Dylan to have runaway on his own. The police also say that Mark is not a suspect and has been cooperating.


Anonymous said...

Did they interview Marks Girl Friend and her daughter?

Anonymous said...

Dylan's cell phone has had zero activity since the Sunday night he arrived at his Dad's residence. Very unusual for Dylan, according to his mom. If something happened to him, it probably happened Sunday evening, since his cell phone had become inactive since that time.

I believe Mark went about erroneous errands the next morning to give himself an "alibi" while establishing a time frame that the boy "went missing". Mark made a purposeful attempt to make himself known to merchants that morning. When he arrives home, the rest of his day is unaccounted for. Mark claims, "he went searching for Dylan". It wasn't until 4:30 or so, he called Dylan's mom. She is the one who called authorities.

Of course, this is pure speculation, ( I read too many mystery books),and Mark appears to be a very loving father who has cooperated 100% with authorities. He is indeed innocent until proven otherwise.

Anonymous said...

What girlfriend? No one has heard of a girlfriend before. Details?

Anonymous said...


Dylan's cellphone has been "off" since 8pm Sunday night.
Elaine Redwine has stated that she received the text from Dylan that he'd arrived and his dad had picked him up at 7:06pm. Within an hour of being picked up at the airport, Dylan's phone is turned off. Huge red flag IMO.

Mark Redwine has stated that Dylan asked to go see his friends the night he arrived, but he told him it was too late. Dylan's friends have stated that they were supposed to get together the night he arrived, but the plan was changed to Dylan being in Bayfield at 6:30am Monday morning.
Dylan was excited about seeing his friends, he wanted to go there the night he arrived instead of going home with his dad! I don't believe he wanted to sleep in that morning. I think out of excitement Dylan probably would have been awake before his dad and ready to go!

IF he was there at all that night? IF he wasn't there's a lot of missing hours there too.

Dylan was not reported missing until very late Monday afternoon. What was Mark Redwine doing between 11:30 and 4:00 when he reportedly went to Dylan's friends to see if he'd "made it" there? None of Dylan's friends heard from him at all on Monday. There is a landline in Mark Redwine's home (according to reporters who have repeatedly called it), there is also a computer and internet (according to Elaine Redwine). If Mark Redwine's statement that Dylan wanted to sleep in were true, I think Dylan would have contacted his friends to let them know he slept in and would have to come later when his dad got back...or that he was going to find a way to get there otherwise. Don't you?

I don't think Dylan tried to hitchhike to Bayfield without even contacting anyone to let them know he was still coming. Dylan's friends said he would hitchhike, his mother doesn't agree. I think she knows him best.

Total speculation, hope I'm way off base!
I'm afraid something happened between Dylan and his dad the night he arrived. Whether by design to get back at Elaine (and he's o.k. somewhere being hidden) or in a rage possibly ignited by an unhappy 13 year old that wasn't allowed go see his friends that night...that was mad because his dad had taken his phone? Were Dylan's responses to either/or viewed as an ungrateful 13 year old that didn't appreciate all he'd done for him and was being selfish?

Elaine Redwine expressed her fear about Mark Redwine's propensity to "react" negatively within the first week of Dylan's disappearance.

"I was married to Mark for a lot of years, and I know the way he reacts to things," Elaine Redwine told ABC News. "If Dylan maybe did or said something that wasn't what Mark wanted to hear, I'm just afraid of how Mark would have reacted."

I think his criminal history speaks to that as well.

If you watch all of the video interviews with Mark Redwine and even the written ones....Mark Redwine has made statements about Dylan's PRIORITY being "his friends".

If you look at the recently released pictures of Dylan, IMO the one of him in Walmart looks like he was unhappy (maybe had even been crying) to me.

Had his dad already taken his phone away from him and turned it off at that point?

Many were commenting on social media about Mark Redwine's absence in any search efforts from the beginning.

He didn't even show his face at all in the community until the candlelight vigil, that was DAY 10 of Dylan being missing!

Something's very wrong with that picture if this is a dad that was really worried about what happened to his son.

IF Mark Redwine took a polygraph and it was "inconclusive" the question now is has he sat down for another?

Or is that the real reason he hired a criminal defense attorney to watch his back?

The first 10 days spoke volumes to me. Again, I hope and pray I'm wrong.

Where's Dylan?!!!

Anonymous said...

Redwine was charged with child abuse, meanacing, disorderly conduct and assualt in Adams county Colorado in 2003. What a prince! Do I think he killled Dylan, you bet I do and if I could do anything to help the police you bet I would.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you sound very sharp to me, we live abt 50 miles away from where Vallecito is and think a lot like you have stated. There is spotty cell service but Dylan could have called on a landline to tell his friends he was coming. I also noted that the dad said that Dylan's friends were his priority, there is a lot that you said that my husband and I are thinking. I thought he looked sad at Wal-mart too. Things just don't add up.

erin melise said...

i think he may have dylan hid somewhere. i do not think he killed him yet, however if he did kill him he probably threw his body in that lake. if i were authorities i would search the lake or drain it to search for dylans remains while there still may be some.

Anonymous said...

His girlfriend lives in New Mexico

Anonymous said...

If it smells like rat it is a rat. Dylans dad smells like a rat, and if the mom suspects him it is with good reason...all comments above ring true, the kid would have for sure contacted friends and family if he was able to. Dylan went missing Sunday nite and never made it home. The dad's comments and behaviour are evasive. He problaby was far away from his home when he did the deed and somewhere in the mountains who knows where is the answer. Lots of people act innocent when they are guilty, and as Judge Judy says, if it doesn't make sense, it isn't true. Dylans dad is lying and knows, knows, knows. We know it but cannot prove it...yet.

Anonymous said...

By the way, is there not some way to track Dylans cell phone whereabouts?

Anonymous said...

Curious as how the dad claims the boy was last seen wearing the exact same clothes he was wearing when he arrived on Sunday . I do not know many kids who sleep in baseball caps and tennis shoes but yet when the dad left Monday morning that is what he claims the boy was last seen wearing .

Anonymous said...

My heart just breaks for this family; I wonder if he did away with him during the nite and buried him far away from home. After all he had all nite to do it.

Anonymous said...

His father will burn in hell!!...He is guilty as sin!!!

Anonymous said...

I have always felt like Mark Redwine did away with his son, for one he was gone all morning, after he got home 4 hours later Dylan is gone!! Every thing adds up the custody thing, his friends. I feel they got into it, and he hit him so hard he killed him so he burried him some where far away. The truth will come out!! He is guilty as a man can be, it will all come out in the dirty wash!!

Anonymous said...

What errands exactly did he run?

Anonymous said...

yes that is my biggest question......has all of the fathers time been accounted for? He said he left at 730 and came back at 1130? That is a two hour diameter he could have driven... dumped and returned. Two hours is a large area to search!!! How does this stuff happen and no clues whatsoever?

Stumped and disgusted......