Did Dylan Redwine's Father Kill Him?

It seems that Dylan Redwine's father is the focus of suspicion after he has been missing for over two weeks. I have been covering this case extensively on Gather News, but have tried to remain as unbiased as possible during my cover and continual analysis. His family has been resilient in defending him online, which was made apparent in the comments section on a few of my Gather News articles. I respect his family members' need to defend their loved one -- who wouldn't defend their beloved brother, uncle or cousin if his name was being dragged through the mud online and in the media? Anyway, there are some new developments in the boy's case; Elaine Redwine has directly accused Mark Redwine of essentially failing a polygraph test. If this is true, then new elements have been added to the case.

The following is my analysis on the disappearance of the 13-year-old Colorado boy. I don't know if I should share my complete opinion on what I think happened to him, but maybe my thoughts will come out as this analysis is written.

Dylan Redwine arrived where he would be in his father's care on November 18th. It was by the next day that he would go missing. His mother says that when he arrived he sent her a text message saying so, but left a sad face emoticon -- indicating that he either didn't want to be there, or was troubled by something.

November 19th - - Dylan vanished sometime between 7:30 a.m., and 11:30 a.m.; At this time Mark Redwine claims that he had been out running errands -- leaving Dylan alone. This is a time frame of four hour, so that means there is a total of four hours that we do not know what happened. I must point out that Mark Redwine is being scrutinized in online discussion for leaving Dylan alone while he ran errands, saying that if he truly wanted to spend time with him he wouldn't have. But I say that this is not abnormal behavior, necessarily. Perhaps Dylan didn't want to be out and about running errands at 7:30 in the morning during his Thanksgiving vacation? This could also be indicative of Mark Redwine being dishonest, but I don't sense any red flags here, exactly. There are other elements to this case that are more disturbing than leaving a 13-year-old home alone for four hours.

Over the course of the past  two weeks+ there have been very little clues in what happened to Dylan. His mother Elaine Redwine has been very vocal publicly about her suspicion against his father. She believes Mark Redwine did something to the teenager -- even attributing it to jealousy and possessiveness as they are going through a custody battle. Statistically, this does raise red flags since custodial battles are frequent motivators in parental abductions or crimes against children.

The latest update involves the polygraph test. Police won't confirm or deny the claims that Mark took a polygraph test -- and the results being inconclusive. These are claims that were made on the air to Nancy Grace by Dylan's mother.

It's hard to discern bitterness from genuine concern in this case. Elaine and Mark Redwine went through a nasty divorce and their custody battle appears to be equally, if not more, nasty. So it's hard to tell whether or not Elaine Redwine is serious in her public suspicions against Mark. Could this man truly be responsible for the disappearance of his own son? Seeing as though cadaver dogs have hit on the boy's scent at a nearby lake, is it possible that Mark murdered him? These are thoughts that one has to consider while looking at all of the possibilities in the case.

While statistically the father of the boy seems to be the most logical target of suspicion, there is also another variable in the case -- Dylan is believed to had been hitchhiking to meet friends the day he vanished. Could he have met foul play while hitching a ride? This is so highly likely that it's impossible to ignore, so I really find it hard to speculate on the father being responsible or the possibility that he was abducted. What I do know is that I agree with officials on the case who have said that it's unlikely for Dylan to have runaway on his own. The police also say that Mark is not a suspect and has been cooperating.

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