The Deanna Ballman Mystery

Deanna Ballman vanished after calling her mom and saying she wasn't feeling well. Her cellphone dropped the call, and she fell out of contact for most of the day that she was gone. She wasn't missing that long before her body was discovered in the backseat of her own car, parked in front of an abandoned farmhouse in Ohio  -- near the home of an unidentified doctor. Reports say the 23-year-old mom of two, who was nine months pregnant, had been responding to Craigslist ads for housecleaning. She was undoubtedly trying to make some money to support her and her children after leaving an abusive husband behind in Colorado. This case is barely a couple of weeks old and there are still no answers. Her autopsy report showed no signs of trauma -- pending toxicology reports -- and there are no suspects or persons of interest named. Nonetheless, her death is suspicious and dead girls just don't climb into the backseats of cars; nor do they throw their cellphones into bodies of water.

The pregnant woman apparently loved her kid as much as she apparently loved to be pregnant. She had spent basically the past three years pregnant before she was found dead in the backseat of her car. Her Myspace photos (which are public) show her in several self-shot images with her two living children, one-after-the next in several poses. Her mother described her as a good mother -- so it's an even bigger shame that these children are going to grow up without her.

The mystery of how she died will hopefully be answered in the next month or so, but the speculation is heavy with this one. She complained of not feeling well before dying and had been in contact with a man who has a history of meeting girls off of Craigslist. This unidentified doctor has had the cops called on him at least eight times -- one girl accusing him of accosting her.

I speculated in an earlier article that he may have drugged or poisoned her in some way, which would explain the lack of trauma and the seemingly staged scene of death. Her car wasn't run off the road, she was in the backseat and her phone was discarded in a nearby body of water. This reeks of murder.

Do you think Deanna Ballman was murdered by way of drugs or poison?

Do you think she was really meeting people off of Craigslist to "clean houses?"

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LMO said...

Having grown up on Bevelheimer, I have found myself so riddled with curiosity over the circumstances of this story. My parents live less than a mile from where they found Deanna. If my intuition has it right, I know exactly where they found her. If she was found where I think she was found then that just brings a whole new light to my eager curiosity. I have gotten a very strange vibe from that house ever since i was a child. I was always suspicious about that place. I used to play in the creek that runs right in front of it. Last year they burned the house down. I passed it while on my way home that day. It was nearly nightime. My dad and i drive there to make sure everything was ok and their were a few men standing around and i found it very strange that there were no firemen to control the fire. Even before that day I had always been weirded out by that house. I have ridden my horse (and still do) ride on bevelheimer occasionally and every time I stare in that direction. My mind clouded with curiosity. I also always had an interest in this nearby, very small discreet camera attached high in a tree that sits by the road gazing out at the road or perhaps the field. Maybe I'm just a very suspicious person. Who found her car??? I would love to know more about the details if you know any. Email me if you'd ever like to discuss :-) turbohooves@gmail.com I hope to God they get him.