Sarah Gumm Murdered Infant out of Frustration

Sarah Gumm will now be forever known as one of the world's worst babysitters in history -- right next to that British baby-shaking nanny. The pissed-off looking mess you see to your left is responsible for the brutal and presumably painful death of a three-month-old baby girl whom she was trusted to babysit. She had been sitting for the infant's parents for a little over a month when she lost her temper, reacting beyond the point that any person would consider reasonable.

The name of the infant has been released as Rylan Koopmeiner, an adorable little baby who should have never lost her chance at a beautiful life with the family who undoubtedly adored her to no end. It's unfortunate that these are the days where daycare is almost necessary for any family, leaving parents no choice but to put their trust in an outside figure for childcare.

Sarah Gumm claims that the child was being "too fussy" with her while she was trying to change her diaper on July 27th. Out of her frustrated rage the woman slammed the infant down on the table, fracturing her skull, among other things. The child complied with the diaper change after-the-fact, because she was dying. Several hours later Gumm called the police claiming the baby wasn't acting well; she was not breathing. It's apparent that the child had been gradually losing oxygen throughout the day as she slowly died from the injuries sustained during Sarah Gumm's frustrated rage.

Sadly, three-month-old Rylan Koopmeiner was pronounced dead a short time later.

Witness reports claimed to have seen Sarah leave her house at least twice during the day she was watching the child, and she finally admitted that she had run errands, leaving the little girl unattended. The woman probably knew the child was dying, and did nothing to reach out to save her during these vital hours.

May this scum-bag get what she deserves. 
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Anonymous said...

This is so so sad. The things that happen in America with the children (abductions, murders etc) make the news here and are really frightening. The shit that happens there make me too scared to even visit even for a holiday. RIP Little baby
Thoughts to the family.
Madelyn in Australia

Anonymous said...

What a fat cunt!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Gumm is one worthless piece of shit.