Who Murdered Erika Megan Sharpton?

The body of 24-year-old Erika Megan Sharpton was found burning on a grass patch along Awalt Road -- northwest of Winchester, Tenn. last week. This gruesome case has already been ruled a homicide, but the details behind it are very thin. There are no known suspects, and up until recently her car was still missing. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) is assisting with local authorities on this case, as they do with crimes of this nature often. But their success rate with solving murders and cases of missing women in the state isn't really high. That's a shame because in the past two decades alone the state of Tennessee has been home to some downright bizarre and horrendous unsolved crimes involving women under the age of 30.

The location of Erika Megan Sharpton's body lies about two hours from Darden -- where Holly Bobo vanished in April of 2011. This case is also unsolved, and in the same region as the 1999 unsolved disappearance of Kristie Baugus Moon -- who has never been located but presumed to had been fed to pigs by her former boyfriend. Why does this region appear to be so lawless when it comes to women? Do investigators simply not look into them the way they should?

Only time will tell, but police say they are diligently working to solve this case. Do you believe them?

There are many questions to be posed in this:

  • Did Erika Sharpton have a boyfriend? 
More often than not, the victims of homicide -- especially women -- are victimized by their significant other or someone they were once with romantically. She could have been the victim of a domestic altercation gone too far. The cause of death was blunt force trauma -- meaning someone beat her to death with either their fists or a foreign object. This is often the choice way of homicide between lovers or those who are close to one another in some fashion. It also indicates that the crime occurred in a fit of rage, as opposed to being premeditated. 

  • Did Erika Sharpton have a safe lifestyle?
It's unfortunate, but sometimes a person's lifestyle makes them more vulnerable to homicide and attacks such as this one. She could have been running around the wrong types of people, could have been involved with drugs or the human trafficking scene. What kind of lifestyle did Erika live?

It's also highly likely that this is a random slaying, though the level of care taken to dispose of her body seems a bit off in that aspect. She was murdered and left burning on the side of the road where she could easily be discovered. This seems like a message was being sent to someone, but what message and to whom?  

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