Where is Brittany Wood?

Nineteen year old Brittany Wood has been missing from the Mobile, Alabama region since May 30, 2012. Her case is a tragic and mysterious one that comes with the possibility that she was murdered by her own kin. Her uncle, Donnie Holland (also reported as Donnie Wood) committed suicide the same day she was reported missing. This strange behavior almost seems as though the man was guilty of some kind of wrongdoing, as she was last seen walking to the man's house before vanishing without a trace. Now the search for the missing 19 year old is continuing with the help of KlaasKIDS Foundation -- a volunteer search group headed by the father of slain girl Polly Klaas. 

So where is Brittany Wood? The young woman's cellphone was last pinged in the Robertsdale region -- which is approximately 30 miles from Mobile, give or take a few miles. Her uncle, Donnie Holland, drove near the area before committing suicide. So what happened? Did he kill his own niece before cowardly taking his own life? It wouldn't be the first time a relative has offed a young woman before taking his or her own life. The national search director of KlaasKIDS will be conducting a community search for the 19-year old, and is encouraging community members to join in on the search.

It's unfortunate because Alabama is a heavily wooded state with plenty of places in which to hide human remains. It may be extremely difficult to locate this woman -- assuming she is deceased. A commenter on this Gather News article tried to make the assumption that Brittany Nicole Wood may have murdered her uncle and went on the run -- but this doesn't seem realistic in the slightest.

Brittany Wood has also been spelled Brittney Wood -- but it's not known yet which spelling is the correct form for this missing young woman. Comments would be appreciated on the matter. 

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