My Hands Could Make Me a Criminal; What About Yours?

An adult hand showing a single transverse palm...An adult hand showing a single transverse palmar crease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm approaching my 30s but sure enough I don't know everything about my body like I should. Do you? It was recently pointed out to me by a dear friend that she and I share a very similar trait. It's called (layman terms) the Simian Crease (also: simian line). It was pointed out because she and I are both Sagittarius by astrological definitions, so it was just another nifty thing in common we have. Silly me, I used to know how to read palms, even though I am an atheist who doesn't take these things with entire seriousness. Why didn't I question the straight line in the center of my left palm? Why did it take me all these years to sit down, look at my palm, and be like "Whoa dude, look at my hands." 

I found myself Googling "Straight line across palm," and that's when she and I found out that it's actually a thing (the simian crease).. and quite a rare thing at that. In fact, it's quite ironic that I possess this characteristic, seeing as though I study criminal justice and I am a crime analyst. Very ironic, indeed! Do you have a simian crease? If you do, you could possess the very same traits that could lead to criminal behavior. Or could you? 

The term "simian crease" is often used as a negative term, but it's also called single radial traverse line among many other technical words that don't really matter for the purpose of this blog. You can Google the actual terms just by searching "simian crease," so do that.

Anyway, it's a feature that appears to be exceptionally rare affecting approximately 10% of the human population. People who have the crease on both hands, like actor Rain Wilson, account for only 5% of the population -- so they are even more rare. 

In my case, I have a "simian crease" on my left hand, but my right hand is totally normal. I share this feature with Albert Einstein, Robert DiNiero and Hilary Clinton. Hilary Clinton, my female friend and I are all a little bit more special because we are women. It's more dominant in males. 

So there happens to be a lot of information out there about this so-called "simian crease." It's been connected to a few different chromosomal anomalies such as Down's Syndrome and Turner's Syndrome, and even Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Nonetheless, I do not have any of these afflictions. Obviously nor do Hilary Clinton or Rober DeNiro or any of the other "famous persons" who have this trait. So what else if not a chromosomal abnormality, causes this?

It's often found in people who have native American or Asian blood or ancestry. Something else new I learned today: I'm 1/16 Cherokee on my mother's side. So maybe that's where I get this rare and interesting feature on my left hand? I'm certainly not Asian!

Upon deeper research I found that there have been studies linking crime to persons with the "simian hand" trait. How interesting indeed, seeing as though I am a CJ major and currently work in the CJ industry independently. Still, I can't deny that I was once a juvenile delinquent like many young people experience in their more rebellious years. But it isn't like I killed anyone. My crimes were more the average teenage shenanigans compared to the crime topics I cover.

Moving on:

One source says that about 29% of criminals have this crease, so considering only 10% of the population has the crease, it's probably safe to say that many of us are criminals. Who knows how accurate that study is, though, but the crease has also been tied to psychoses of different types. Oh goodie!

Do you have a simian crease?

My simian crease..holding a very tiny carrot so I could feel like a giant.

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  1. Hi There,

    Am Lena from California and I never knew that about the lines in our hands. I have simian grease in both hands. Wow!

    Thanks *-*

  2. She was discussing simian crease not what your hands are full of

  3. I posses two siman creases and have done a fair bit of research into this, it goes back before our classification to ancient native americans both in the north and south americas and ancient japanese culture as well.
    During the toltec empire wisemen would come and take children with the mark at age 5 (most would not live past 5) they would be groomed through a few different phases until at 29 they would gain their calling -- these were the thinkers of their society, due to innate ability to focus, understand, and learn more, more easily then most.
    There is a website that covers the legend of the perakee -- As for a genetic level, this is a mutation of sorts, some sort of DNA mutation that has survived generations, I'd suspect if we got enough together you'd fine a remarkable resemblance in brain structure to someone with downs/idiot savants. Fundamentally I believe its a wiring that facilitates a mental super focus, this can be altered, strengthened, shifted, nullified through various exercises and experiences.

  4. I have the Simian line on both hands. I was curious to know who else had it and happened to be googling about it today and came across several tidbits of info on it, including the very name itself, which I wasn't aware of it earlier.

    I certainly am not a criminial, hail from India, possess dual MS degrees, speak 5 languages fluently and dabble in a few more, play several sports at an above average level and have other skills that are not commonplace. All of these run counter to the studies I have been reading about, other than the one regarding 'special skills' or 'talented folks' etc. I have always felt I had several skills that some folks would make a career out of, but may not as much creativity.

    Not to blow my own trumpet, but I thought I should put in a note to allay fears about abnormality, health or mind-wise about folks with simian lines. I have also been looked at by palmists in India when I was young to their utter surprise and amazement and comments that they have never seen such a thing or that it's extremely rare and found only in famous people's hands.

    So, relax folks, we are God's specially crafted beings!

  5. I have it only in my right hand. I've met some people with the Simian crease, but it's only been in their left hands. I wonder why mine's in the right.


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