Holly Bobo Missing for One Year; Does Her Brother Have Anything New To Add?

The Holly Bobo disappearance has reached its one-year anniversary and there doesn't appear to be anything new in the case as far as the investigation goes. All that remains is a year's worth of news sources and video transcripts of the so-called events that occurred on the morning the missing Tennessee woman vanished. Over the course of this entire year, there have been a lot of twists and turns as well as changes made to the story. It also appears that all the contact in the world with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation won't help in clarifying just why these stories have changed. So, now that this case has reached its one-year mark, does the brother have anything else to add to the story so it can come closer to being solved?

Clint Bobo has obviously changed his story, as have the investigative sources in this case, several times over the course of the year. While Holly Bobo is still missing, all that seems to remain is confusion and suspicion on several levels. The changes in Clint's story have been documented all over the Web, so there really is no escaping the questions and speculation that rise from said fluctuations. What should be said here is obvious: The truth doesn't really change, does it? At least, it certainly doesn't need to change.

First Holly was allegedly "dragged" from her property by a man in camouflage hunting gear. Upon investigators finding no drag marks on the property, this story evolved to her being led away by the unidentified man. Later, the story changed to the 20-year-old missing nursing student simply walking away with the man. These changes don't seem to make any sense at all, and it certainly seems like investigators aren't paying attention to the changes like they should be doing. Instead, it seems that they are waving them off. "Nothing to see here, folks!"

The disappearance of Holly Bobo has changed in other details over the year. Some of these changes in the story have only heightened the confusion and suspicion regarding just what was seen the morning the young woman was allegedly abducted. Hours before her so-called abduction, Karen Bobo, Holly and her boyfriend Drew had exchanged several calls regarding him not being allowed to hunt on the property owned by Holly's grandmother. Within five minutes of Karen and Holly last speaking on the phone, one of the neighbors heard a woman's scream from the woods near the Bobo property. It wasn't until at least 10 minutes later that Clint claimed to be woken by the barking of a dog to see Holly leaving the property with a man he, then, believed was her boyfriend Drew. However, there have been slight inconsistencies with this story -- such as he and his mother allegedly speaking on the phone minutes before he was supposedly woken by the barking dogs.

Look, it's been an entire year. Holly is still missing and this entire case just seems like it was completely messed up by investigators. What did Clint Bobo really see and has he really told what happened that morning? It seems that with all the changes and his absence from the media (unlike his mother) that there would be more to be said. Maybe it's time for this young man to speak to the media again, on camera, and explain in detail what really happened on the morning of April 13, 2011. It's been a year, and unless what he knows could get him in trouble it isn't going to ruin the investigation. By technical terminology, the disappearance of Holly Bobo is becoming a cold case.

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Liam Fahy said...

Is it true that the Bobo family lawyered up almost immediately after Holly disappeared? I personally believe that it was not Clint Bobo who`s story was changing, it was misleading reporting initially from the media. Clint Bobo did not call 911 when he saw what he did, which suggests to me that he did see Holly "walk away" towards the woods with somebody whom he thought at the time was Hollys boyfriend. Whoever took Holly knows the family and their routine, that`s a certainty.

T-T said...

that's a really really really good question her brother Clint Bobo.anything to add to his red flags everywhere story.