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Apr 29, 2012

An adult hand showing a single transverse palm...An adult hand showing a single transverse palmar crease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm approaching my 30s but sure enough I don't know everything about my body like I should. Do you? It was recently pointed out to me by a dear friend that she and I share a very similar trait. It's called (layman terms) the Simian Crease (also: simian line). It was pointed out because she and I are both Sagittarius by astrological definitions, so it was just another nifty thing in common we have. Silly me, I used to know how to read palms, even though I am an atheist who doesn't take these things with entire seriousness. Why didn't I question the straight line in the center of my left palm? Why did it take me all these years to sit down, look at my palm, and be like "Whoa dude, look at my hands." 

I found myself Googling "Straight line across palm," and that's when she and I found out that it's actually a thing (the simian crease).. and quite a rare thing at that. In fact, it's quite ironic that I possess this characteristic, seeing as though I study criminal justice and I am a crime analyst. Very ironic, indeed! Do you have a simian crease? If you do, you could possess the very same traits that could lead to criminal behavior. Or could you?