Missing in Anchorage: Alaska's Hidden Women

In light of the Samantha Koenig disappearance, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to do a search of different missing persons cases in the state of Alaska. As it turns out, the state has its fair share of missing women and many of them vanished from the Anchorage area.  So perhaps it's time to do a little digging and analyzing regarding these numerous cases -- most (if not all) of which appear to be unsolved.

Perhaps more coverage of these other missing women in Anchorage will uncover similarities in the disappearance of the 18-year old barista, but is it likely? Detectives on this most recent case don't appear to have much to go on, or if they do they haven't revealed much. The following post is meant to outline some of the similar cases out of Anchorage -- and they all leave this one question: Why haven't these other missing women been addressed in regards to Samantha's disappearance?

Alaska has nearly 80 unsolved missing persons cases and two unidentified cases according to this website -- but the number could be higher for all we know. Thirty-two of these listed cases are missing women, as is one of the cases of unidentified human remains.

These cases range in time frame from 30 or 40 years in the past to as recently as this year when Samantha Koenig was allegedly abducted from an Anchorage coffee shop. What's interesting about some of these cases is that these women are primarily young, caucasian(ish) in feature and attractive. The circumstances surrounding the disappearances of a couple of them are just as mysterious as Samantha's disappearance.

Karen Dean Evan
Case #1185DFAK The Doe Network
Karen Dean Evan was 18-years old when she vanished from Anchorage in 1980. Not much is readily available in this case, so it needs further analysis. However, the young girl's case is still unsolved and is still listed as "endangered". She was last seen in Anchorage and last heard from in May of 1980. She frequently stayed in contact with family so it was odd that she suddenly stopped. This mysterious case is rather disturbing because of the lack of details. Perhaps someone should look into this cold case.

Erin Marie Gilbert
Case #1324DFAK The Doe Network
Erin Marie Gilbert was 24-years old when she vanished from the Girdwood-Anchorage area in July of 1995. The young woman was last seen in attendance at the Girdwood Forest Fair at around 6:00 in the evening. The woman was new to living in Alaska, and described as "not being a nature person." She wouldn't have been familiar with the terrain surrounding her, and it is unlikely that she would've gone alone for a hike in the woods. Her boyfriend said the two of them had become separated when she vanished, making this one odd mystery. The two had only known each other for about a week before she vanished during their date at the fair. Could he had known more than he told investigators or could someone at the fair be responsible for Erin Marie Gilbert's disappearance? Foul play has always been a top theory in this case.

Samantha Kent
Case #940DFAK The Doe Network
Possible victim of Anchorage serial killer?!
Samantha Kent was 24-years old when she vanished from Anchorage, Alaska in 1993. The attractive young woman was an exotic dancer and could have possibly been involved in Anchorages "underground world of prostitution and drugs" according to America's Most Wanted. When she vanished she left behind all of her belongings including $300 in cash and items that she'd normally take with her had she gone on an "impromptu trip" out of town. She's never been found so her case remains unsolved, but interestingly enough searching her name revealed the dark truth that Anchorage, Alaska is in fact the hunting grounds of a serial killer.

Even though 1993 is about a decade in the past, it's not impossible for a serial killer or predator to operate for many years in the same area. The BTK killer is one that comes to mind who led a double life for several years, as is the accused Alphabet Killer Joseph Naso -- who is in his 70s and finally facing the death penalty on trial for his doings. Could the person behind Samantha Koenig's disappearance be the same person responsible for other missing women and bodies washing up along the shoreline?

This young woman vanished from Anchorage in March of 2001 after calling her friend to report that she was having car trouble. She was never heard from again. She was last known to be at Chilkoot Charlies in Anchorage which is a little over two miles from Common Grounds Espresso -- from where Samantha Koenig vanished in February of 2012. Lisa's car was reportedly discovered later, but no other clues have been able to lead detectives to her whereabouts.

Could this young woman have been abducted like Samantha Koenig? Perhaps. It's easy to speculate that foul play is involved in this young woman's disappearance since she hasn't been found and the case remains unsolved.

There are many more missing women, men and children out of Alaska, and as I stated earlier there are many out of Anchorage especially. It's quite disheartening to stumble on the fact that this northern city is struggling with a serial killer on the loose, and one would figure this would be among the first theories investigated upon the disappearance or abduction of any young woman.

Perhaps this question should be asked of detectives on the case:

Is it possible that a serial predator could have abducted Samantha Koenig? 

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Anonymous said...

Theories abound in this case of Samantha Koenig and the FBI being involved does point to something more then a local girl involved with drug users or a prior boyfriend viewers will be watching as this story unfolds and finding Samantha is the deepest wish of family her friends and the public who are wishing and praying this young woman comes home. Keep up the investigative reporting since your stories are the only real information coming out that may help before another Anchorage case mimics the movie On Frozen Ground. Good Luck to you and the investigators working this case Chelsea both are sourly needed right now as they refocus on the real issues and not each other.

Christine said...

Ah705 There are reporters hard at work trying to solve this crime. Samantha is the focus; no matter how it comes about good report writing about this case will do more good then harm this investigation. Just one Alaskan who has been around the block here a few times, I'm just saying... Some real work here is being done and needs to, to bring this young lady home, and may God bless them, every one - the time has come to do exactly that! ADN needs to locate prior postings there to see if there is any connection to this crime which may have started up again on line. http://www.chelseahoffman.com/...

Just wondering if this post is going to remain there or be deleted by the sight monitor or flagged and reviewed... time will tell if anyone there is on top of things on ADN the Investigators working the case or some sensitive reporter involved?
Read more here: http://community.adn.com/adn/node/160043#storylink=cpy Chelsea, crop or delete this post as you see fit.

Anonymous said...

I knew Erin Gilbert when she used to live here in San Francisco. Why doesn't her case get as much attention?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed the links between Erin, Lisa, and Samantha Kent? They all either had hazel or green eyes. Though Samantha's clothing is unknown, the other two were wearing a black coat and a black hoodie. Perhaps most startling is the fact that the women had visible facial blemishes (is that a mole on Erin's right cheek? Lisa a scar above her left eye and Samantha has a mole above her left eye). I'm sure it is just coincidence, but I wonder if the similarities have been considered...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing attention to my sister Erin's case. We continue to search for her and try to raise awareness that she is still missing.
My thoughts and prayers to other families in the same place