What Happened to Ayla Reynolds?

The disappearance of Ayla Reynolds is one of the big mysteries of 2011 along with the strange disappearance of baby Lisa Irwin and Sky Metalwala. She was reported missing from her crib by her father, Justin Dipietro, on the morning of December 17, 2011. It's now mid-January 2012 and the Maine toddler still hasn't been found. This case is reminiscent of the Lisa Irwin disappearance, which was highlighted on last week's airing of Case to Case, so this week it will be discussed on the podcast. (read more following breakline)


The Lisa Irwin Disappearance: New Clues and Developments?

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The second podcast episode of Case by Case will be devoted entirely to the disappearance of baby Lisa Irwin out of Kansas City, Missouri. It seems that while this case has gone dead in the mainstream headlines, there are still little things that should be brought to attention. Some of these things are relatively new(ish). Bookmark this page!!


What's to come in 2012: True Crime Stories and More

The year 2011 was interesting (to say the least) with several women, children, men and even pets missing from all over the world. From the disappearances of Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Lisa Irwin and Michelle Parker to the homicides of Karen Johnson Swift, Aliahnna Lemmon, Jorelys Rivera and many others, 2011 was certainly a somber year for many. There were also plenty of stories regarding bath salts, duct tape and especially feces, but that's over now -- or is it?

What's to come for this blog in the year 2012? 


Missing and Unsolved Cases: Intriguing Stories of 2011

Stories of missing women and children are among some of the most intriguing stories of the year 2011, so does that give you any hope for the upcoming year of 2012? Among the missing women featured in some of the many headlines this weekend some memorable names have been mentioned. Unfortunately, all of these cases are unsolved and growing cold.


Ayla Reynolds Update: Is Dad to Blame for Disappearance?

The mother of Ayla Reynolds thinks that the little girl's father is somehow responsible for her mysterious disappearance. The case has recently sparked over 300 new leads by day 11, and it seems that speculation is heavy on Justin DiPietro. So is daddy to blame or did someone else waltz in and steal the 20-month-old Maine tot?


The Ayla Reynolds Disappearance

Twenty-month old Ayla Reynolds was reported missing by her father, Justin Dipietro, on Saturday the 17th of December, 2011. Much like the disappearance of Lisa Irwin, the details given by the parent of the missing tot involved putting her to bed, only to awake finding her gone. Suspicion has been surrounding the circumstances of this disappearance and accusations have been cast from the family of the missing child. Just what happened though? Where is she? It's been a week and there so much going on while the investigators literally "downplay" the publicity of the investigation.


Aisha Khan 'Abduction' -- Was it a Hoax?

Aisha Khan was only missing for a few days before investigators discovered she was not abducted. It was an intense couple of days, and a lot of resources used. So was this "abduction" a hoax, or just the result of a family in panic?
When 19-year-old college student Aisha Khan was reported missing, her family was insistent that she was abducted by a "drunken stranger." She had left "panicked" text messages about an altercation with the man, and had called leaving a voice mail on her sister's phone about "how scared" she was. However, her sincerity was immediatelyquestioned and for good reason.

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