Bianca Jones Update: Cadaver Dogs "Hit" on Scent

he search for Bianca Jones took a negative turn when it was reported that cadaver dogs were being used. In the latest breaking development, it's been confirmed that those dogs have "hit" on the scent of death. This is a disturbing bit of news in the search for the missing Detroit toddler, and with this evidence an arrest may be imminent.

It's been confirmed that cadaver dogs have "hit" on the distinctive smell of human decomposition in the home inhabited by D'Andre Lane, the father of Bianca Jones. This certainly doesn't make him look any less suspicious, especially when paired with his failure of a polygraph test.

Could D'Andre Lane be whom police have sought an arrest warrant for in this investigation? He hasn't been named, but they have in fact requested a warrant for arrest related to the disappearance of the 2-year-old girl. If the cadaver dogs have anything to do with it, then this case is probably going to be solved soon. However, that isn't always the case as made apparent by the disappearance of Lisa Irwin. Cadaver dogs hit on the scent of death in the bedroom of Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin several weeks ago and no arrests have been made. The disappearance of Lisa Irwin remains a mystery, but hopefully this isn't the case for missing Bianca Jones.

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