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Why I Chose an Online Degree Program

I chose to obtain a degree online because of the obvious reasons: the convenience of doing it from home and the ability to work at my own pace. My schedule doesn't permit me the ability to attend a physical classroom, nor does it allow me the flexibility to attend classes at various scheduled times. These are probably the highest ranking, or most common reasons why other people choose online classes as opposed to in-house education.
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An online degree is just as good as a degree achieved in a traditional university 
Achieving a degree isn't anything to scoff at, whether it be obtained in a traditional university or via correspondence education. The fact of the matter remains that those who have college degrees find it easier to find employment in the workforce. More people are employed in the United States with Bachelor's degrees than those with no formal education, by a quite large number might I add. 

An accredited online university/college leaves you with just the same chances of finding employment as you would have had you graduated from an accredited, physical college. Period. The Department of Education accredits online learning establishments! 

I chose Ashworth College 
The online reviews of this place are mixed, and at first I was leaning toward the belief that Ashworth College is a scammy place. Really, though, Ashworth isn't a scam; nor is it a "degree mill" (aka diploma mill). In fact, I discovered that this place has an unfairly bad reputation due to the quality of people who enroll, only to quit based on their own lack of understanding of the institution or how online schooling works. 

This is in no way intended to be rude, but I'm also not going to sugarcoat my words so as to avoid offending fringe groups of people. There is a relatively small number of students who participate in the Ashworth community who appear to have the mental capacities to succeed in anything more than housekeeping, cooking and parenting. It is apparent that a large group of people see the commercials for this online school and believe that they just have to pay and magically they'll receive bonafide college degrees. That's simply not the case; you have to study and actually learn your course material with this school. I figured this out after reading the online reviews after I enrolled and finished a couple of courses. 

So you see, it's not that Ashworth College is an undesirable institution, it's that the convenience and flexibility it offers (along with the reasonable tuition) just happens to attract people who think that just anyone can pay for and obtain a degree without possessing the critical thinking skills necessary to actually earn said degree. 

Criminal Justice
I chose a Bachelor's of Science degree program in Criminal Justice. I have nearly finished my first semester and am heading into the next seven semesters with gusto. It's fun; so far. I passed English Comp with a 99% average (too bad not 100%) and I flew through EN110. Great stuff that I happen to already use everyday with my various writing jobs. I'm working more slowly through World History and the crappy tech computer course I'm doing, but feeling optimistic about maintaining a 4.0 average in the near future (I am currently at a 3.5). 

As a crime writer, this degree is only going to further make my writing credible. I'll have the proper training to give insight on different cases and it will look pretty snazzy if and when I ever decide to go further into a career focusing on crime and punishment. 

Wish me luck!


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