Lauren Spierer Disturbing Images Demand Police and Media Attention

*warning* disturbing imagery below
Lauren Spierer is the 20-year old missing IU student from Bloomington, Indiana. She's been missing since the early-morning hours of June 3rd 2011. During the beginning of the investigation into her disappearance, surveillance footage was released of a suspicious white pickup truck seen in the vicinity of the young woman's last known whereabouts.

Shortly after the surveillance footage was released to the public, Bloomington police retracted the urgency of this truck and claimed to have spoken with the owner who was "cleared of any suspicion." I never paid full attention to this truck since it's importance only lasted for what seemed like just days. I didn't have a chance to speculate on the truck other than the possibility that it could be connected to the disappearance of Lauren Spierer. Alas, I should've paid more attention.

This morning, 10/08/2011, I received a disturbing email from someone who has been studying the images since Lauren's disappearance. The person, who is anonymous by the name of nothing other than "Eagle Eye" used his (or her) photo enhancing talents to draw emphasis to an area in the back end of the white pickup truck. On the surface this "Eagle Eye" didn't seem on the up-and-up to me, but I decided to do some studying for myself and well, I hate to admit it, but I think Lauren Spierer was definitely in that mysterious white pickup that was suddenly cleared of involvement. Am I a little behind? Yes, but the Bloomington Police Department are more behind if these enhanced photos are accurately depicting a human figure in the truck.

Study the above image of the white pickup truck and surveillance footage of Lauren Spierer on the last night she was seen. As you can clearly see, the back passenger side of the bed of the truck is empty in one of the frames. Within 15 to 20 minutes later, the very same part of the truck contains a mass of white and black that looks like a kind of blob in small, undefined photos. Look below for more images of this mysterious white truck and pay attention to the angles and the "object" in the back end.

A "rendition" style photo from Websleuths shows that this could be a woman sitting with her back against the back window of the truck with her knees drawn. Click here to view it. 

However, some images on this page, sent to me by "Eagle Eye" are disturbing to me. Upon viewing them, I instantly felt a tight-feeling in my chest -- anxiety over these images. They are crudely done, but when you zoom in on the above images, it's really easy to see where it does in fact look like Lauren Spierer is being abducted by someone in these very images. How could this have been overlooked unless Bloomington police know what this mass in the back of the truck really is. Keep in mind that that mass was not in the truck the entire time the truck was parked. This is what is most perplexing about the entire set of images. See below for the images :

Maybe these images are nothing more than tricks on the eyes, and I am just being an over imaginative writer. Nonetheless, I think these images are disturbing and the police need to get back on the ball about that white truck. Nothing has been found in Lauren Spierer's disappearance, not one thing. If this is really the only piece of information about her disappearance, it's a shame that it's being ignored.
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