The Holly Bobo Mystery; a Profiled Collective Part 1

Missing Tennessee nursing student, Holly Bobo, has been gone for going on five months. Over the course of the investigation, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation hasn't found many leads or clues leading to what happened to the 20-year old student.

Perhaps this is because "things are not what they seem."

In order to make any type of opinion of this highly confusing case, one must take a look (thoroughly) at all of the people connected to this case. With all  of the rumors swirling and speculation, it's only proper to begin this fact index with a "Who's Who" of sorts. This is a high profile case chock-full-of conflicting information. So let's begin digging and putting the pieces of this puzzle together.

**disclaimer** All of the information obtained in this article was done so by obtaining publicly available information.

  • Clint Bobo
Clint is allegedly the last person to see Holly before she vanished from their family home in Darden, Tennessee. He is 25-years old and has been reported as being a former social work student at University of Tennessee Martin. Of course he is no longer a student since his sister mysteriously disappeared on April 13, 2011. 

Clint's story has changed, so far, a total of three times. 

One of the earliest accounts of that day, by ABC News, says that Clint Bobo told police that he witnessed his 20-year old sister being dragged across their carport by a man dressed in camouflage

On April 20, 2011 the Decatur County Chronicle released one of the early versions of Clint's memory of that fateful morning, only this had changed from five days prior when the ABC story was released. Instead of seeing his sister being dragged across their carport, he claims that she was simply led away, by her arm, forcefully. The sheriff of Decatur County made this statement for Clint, because up until late into the summertime, Clint didn't speak for himself at all. The sheriff said, since Clint's story had changed, that the girl was being led away, by her arm, and was in fear of her life. 

On August 4, 2011, four months after Holly Bobo disappeared, Clint's story changed a third time. This time he spoke to Jane Velez Mitchell on her HLN program. Clint's story was quite whimsical and vague, and totally different from the story that has been in the media since day one. In fact, criminal profiler Pat Brown thinks he's a weirdo and she publicly said so on her Facebook wall. 

Her status update, along with a link to the transcript of the show, read:
"Clint Bobo continues to say squirrelly things."

In the latest version of the events that transpired on that morning, Clint Bobo claims that he woke up at the sound of their dog barking.

"I saw the silhouette of two people in our garage. At the time I had no idea who either one of the people were. And then come to realize later that that was my sister and her abductor."
So now there are silhouettes of people in their garage, which is attached to their one-story home. Clint continues with his strange story of seeing what looked like people kneeling in the garage of their home. He said that is when he called his mother (instead of calling police, or going outside to see what was going on for himself).

The story continues, as the transcript shows, and Clint reveals a mistake in his story telling. Just read the transcript linked here and read the story about the turkey, the blood and well, you'll see.

By now I should probably link to my brief interview with Kristin Helm of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Clint Bobo isn't a suspect in this case, but it's important to know that nobody has been "cleared" either. The family is being cooperative in this investigation, says Kristin Helm.

Criminal profiler, Pat Brown, made a pretty bold comment about Clint on her wall. A comment on her Facebook page insinuated that the young man could be autistic, or mentally stunted in some way. Personally, I agree with the commenter's assessment, but I couldn't find anything online that comes out and says he suffers from any mental conditions. If Clint Bobo was mentally challenged, surely his parents would come out and say so, so as to avoid the harsh judgement of the media and public.

However, he does seem to be slow; but it could be do to lack of sleep or a variety of factors. The fact of the matter is, nobody's ever seen this guy until his sister vanished, so we don't know how he acts in person. This could be a new thing for him, or it could be his character. Either way, his appearances with the media lately have raised some red flags. His speech is strange and he doesn't appear to have a complete story in his head on what happened that day. This is suspicious, and even though I know that isn't a popular opinion, it's still what I think.

  • Natalie Bobo

Natalie Bobo is the cousin of Holly Bobo, paternally. Apparently they're quite close and live in the same county. She's spoken with the media before about her cousin's disappearance, but little has been discussed about her in the media spotlight like has been done with Clint, Karen and Dana Bobo. 

What is available publicly online about Natalie is that she is an aspiring model, like Robyn Gardner in this story.

It is also rumored that she is an exotic dancer in a strip club, but this hasn't been confirmed.

The world of amateur modeling is dangerous, especially when you dabble in meeting people online through social networks, forums and chat rooms. The young woman's public Myspace profile shows that she was in the process of meeting with a man for a "photo shoot." The man's name is Steve Warner of SW Photography. His Model Mayhem page can be seen here. Taking a look at his portfolio, it is plain to see what type of photography he prefers. Young, pretty women, nude or posed provocatively. Upon searching a little further, Natalie has another public profile focused on modeling. However, her public gallery of images are far tamer than what Steve Warner displays on his photography portfolio.

Natalie Bobo was arrested sometime recently for harassment and vandalism.

This is in no way judging her lifestyle, but in a small area known for its drug crimes and human trafficking issues, one would think that the world of adult modeling and exotic dancing in that region leaves you open to risks. From the looks of her arrest, she evidently isn't always walking on the straight and narrow.

My questions regarding this:

  • Has Natalie ever gotten Holly involved in her "modeling" plans?
  • Has Natalie ever involved Holly Bobo in her work schedule? (i.e. getting rides to and from her "work")
  • When was the last time Natalie saw Holly?

Stay tuned for Part 2....

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Anonymous said...

I think that Holly, the missings girls from Lousianna and Indiana are all connected. Why doens't anybody connect the dots?

Anonymous said...

There are some similarities in some of these cases.. Small framed blonde haired white females, all young... Have to do more research before you could say for sure, but it is interesting.