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The Hackleburg Tornado 2011

I grew up in Hackleburg, Alabama for the most important years of my life. I went to the elementary school, and I attended the high school. Although I left before I would have graduated, I was part of the class of 2002. It was a small town -- very small -- home to only roughly 1,000 people. All I could remember while living there was that jobs were scarce, even during the Clinton years. You either worked at Indy's House manufacturing trailers, or you worked at the Wrangler Plant, which eventually closed down. Otherwise there was a grocery store, dollar store, drug store, a couple of gas stations and a butt-load of churches. Hackleburg, Alabama was tiny, the home of Sonny James, my fourth or fifth cousin. For those of you who aren't aware of who Sonny James is, well, he's a country singer who had a few crossover hits back in the good ole days. He's in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Anyway, the correlation I am making between him and Hackleburg is the welcome sign once …

Horror: My Lifelong Love-Affair

I've always been one to to enjoy the macabre. Since I was a child, barely in elementary school, I have had this love affair with all things horror. As an adult, nothing has changed. The following is a sort of memoir and homage to an entire genre that has been a huge part of my entire existence. I even wrote my first horror short when I was 10 years old -- about a brain-sucking ghoul that sneaks into people's windows at night. (unpublished, and dead to the world, sadly)

The first "scary" movie I recall ever seeing was the original A Nightmare on Elm Street. I was barely five years old, but I remember like yesterday the memorable scene of Nancy's friend flopping up the walls and ceiling of her bedroom as the invisible Freddy Krueger slashed her to pieces in her dreams. My family hid the VHS of the movie, because it was obviously inappropriate for my young eyes. A sneaky child, I would wait till the family slept and I would stay up all night watching this classic as …