Who killed Leila Ziegler?

Leila Cherie Ziegler was brutally slain nearly two years ago alongside an elderly man -- and their bodies were found in a camper in Mesa, Arizona. The publicized details about this woman's unsolved slaying are slim, but what is available indicates that the killer is a danger to the public -- so why haven't Maricopa County detectives been more forthcoming with information about the case? More importantly: Why is it taking so long to bring this murder victim the justice she deserves?

Leila was only 30-years-old when she was killed violently in a camper in East Mesa. The exact details aren't confirmed, but it's been claimed by Pinal and Maricopa County locals that she and 70-year-old Phillip Marquis were brutalized with an ax or some other kind of object of similar destructive caliber. The person(s) responsible for such a violent crime would have to be of considerable size and/or strength. If this is truly how the duo died, the person responsible was likely in a rage. These are the only details available in the case to the public, so all that can be done is speculation and theorizing. 

Disturbingly enough, Lelia Ziegler had once acted in a low budget horror flick in which she was also brutally murdered, as can be seen from the photo to the right. It's absolutely strange looking at the photo, even though it's staged violence and not real. This young woman suffered a demise similar to her one-and-only movie role -- and her killer is walking free among us.

Please do me a favor: If you live in Arizona, or if you have people from Arizona in your social network, share this post and share Leila's photos. Keep her face fresh in the minds of anyone who may have possibly known her. Who knows, we may end up exposing a suspect or clues behind who killed her and Marquis. It's a longshot, but after two years without any publicized updates, something needs to be done.

A pretend journalist is 'bullying' me over Madeleine McCann coverage

Update: (4/9/2014) For some reason it looks like Guy has removed something from his profile: The agency he claimed to represent when he emailed me. (scroll to the bottom for the new photo)

I've forwarded his profile and various emails he sent me to the appropriate sources -- including the Daily Mirror, who he claimed to be partnered with (which was clearly a lie lol). If this guy's going around falsely representing media and PR companies while trying to bully and harass public figures, then there's no telling what kind of trouble he might find himself in -- especially since he claimed to be affiliated with several big media corporations.

As for his aggressive emails: He has also left a couple of voicemails. In one he told me that he was "a member of the 1%" who would ruin me because I'm poor. Wow, good going there, Guy. 

P.S. When you google "Journalist Guy Hamilton," you get a fictional journalist played by Mel Gibson. Silly trolls! I feel very sorry for his son. 

Update: The troll has continued to send aggressive emails. I have set up my filters to send directly to trash so I don't have to deal with it anymore.

After making contact with my managing editor at Huffington Post (where I am only a contributing blogger and not in a long time at that) I've been told that no such person has made contact with them. So it seems that this person is not only a troll, but a fraud. No surprise. (He claimed to had  been "told something interesting" by my managing editor.. that was a lie). 

Update: Within hours of this post going live, "Mr. Hamilton," bombarded my public voicemail and email inbox with angry and aggressive comments after he was formally requested to stop contacting me.

He also threatened me before formally sending me a take-down notice of a photo that was publicly on Facebook. However, out of the spirit of being a decent person, I have chosen to remove the photo and replace it with an originally snapped screenshot of a photo of the man who is harassing me and working as the mouthpiece of my stalkers and bullies.

Have you ever heard of Guy Hamilton? Probably not -- and I hadn't either until he contacted my private Facebook account via his own personal profile (pictured). Apparently he's a longtime "investigative journalist" who is also a partner with a PR firm, etc., etc., (or so he claims) And apparently I've caught his eye (rather, he is involved with a group of proven cyberbullies). His message began on an intimidating note, claiming that I was being investigated and that my "claims about my qualifications" have been debunked, etc. He followed this aggressive line of commentary with telling me that he was going to produce an article about me (which later turned into something on video as he couldn't quite keep it straight) and that he'd do so with or without my answers to his questions (that he hadn't yet produced).

I responded to this dingbat that I had never made any false claims about my qualifications as an independent criminal profiler, and let him know that in the U.S. there are no qualifications. I told him that I didn't appreciate his unprofessional way of reaching out to me, and let him know that I'd be in contact with the appropriate people regarding his claims (he did some name-dropping that I don't necessarily believe). I also let him know that I was aware of his 'fanning' of a page that had already once been deleted by Facebook for harassing me, stalking me and bullying me (and others), so he was clearly and publicly in cahoots with shady people.
screenshot taken from public Facebook profile of Guy Hamilton
His response to me contained error after error as he made his own inaccurate assumptions that came across as if he had done no research about me at all. However, he opened his response with the fact that he started following me because he didn't like my coverage of Madeleine McCann or how critical I am of her parents. He was actually rather aggressive in letting me know he disagreed, revealing his clear bias against me that has clearly been there for some time. So this is it in a nutshell: Some aging nut who claims to be a journalist doesn't like what I have to say about the Madeleine McCann case, so he follows me around and goes into cahoots with these cyberbullies who who are going around posting nonsense rumors about me -- most of which are screenshots of out-of-context quotes. Then he decides he's going to use his "investigative journalism" skills to completely bypass investigating me and asking me questions, but go by the rumors and claims made by various people who are also completely in error, and who also clearly didn't read my FAQ or bother asking me anything.

1. He stated "you call yourself a journalist."

I had to point out to him that I never call myself this, never have. I had to explain to him that I am a blogger who shares my opinions and analysis, and that this is something I am very stern about correcting people about and he'd know that if he even bothered looking at my site. 

2. He claimed that I tell people that I'm a "journalist for the Huffington post" -- and that's also untrue. In fact I asked him to provide me with verifiable proof that I ever said that I am a "journalist" for Huffington post. He refused to show me the proof of his claims against me.

3. He actually told me that I was going to college to be a criminal profiler (instead of asking me what I am in college for). I had to correct him and tell him that there is no degree for criminal profiler in the U.S., and that I am taking multiple courses for my own reasons that are none of his concern.

4. He tried to assert that I lie about my qualifications as a criminal profiler. I had to point out to him that there are no qualifications in the U.S. to be a criminal profiler, and I have never claimed to have any qualifications that I do not have.

So there you have it. I'd never heard of this guy a day in my life, but in the couple hours that I've gotten to know him I've learned he's a journalist who's never had a piece published under the name Guy Hamilton. I've learned his PR firm has no website or really any verifiable ties to the news agencies he mentioned. The only thing I can see about him is that he is on Facebook as a Smurf and has a teenage son named Billy.
I have taken the precautions of contacting the appropriate people to warn against this character. He's in direct partnership with people who have committed various acts of harassment and bullying against me, my family members, people who aren't even related to me that they erroneously believed were, and others. I'm also publishing all of this to let it be known that I am being targeted by this dingy old fart because he can't handle my opinions on the Madeleine McCann case -- a case that I am currently writing a book about, publication date TBA.

Do I believe this Guy Hamilton nut is a true journalist? Not one that matters, no. But I am perplexed that someone would make blatant claims of having such connections in the industry while contacting my private Facebook with a picture of a Smurf -- which went to my 'other' folder. I am also perplexed that someone who'd claim to be a real journalist would not only admit to having a longstanding negative bias against me, but then refuse to acknowledge that he is being corrected on his false assumptions and claims about me. He even emailed back refusing to acknowledge any of the things I stated asking for proof and letting him know very clearly that his claims and assumptions are false. Therefore, anything printed about me containing those assumptions would also be false.

Has Guy Hamilton contacted you claiming to be a journalist? If so, be careful: The man is clearly a tabloid writer if he's any kind of writer at all. The fact that he's contacting me with such negative and aggressive comments even after being told that his assumptions about me are factually incorrect tells me that either he's not at all who/what he claims to be, or he's nothing more than another one of those wannabe Geraldos that never could make it. So he's willing to resort to lies and slander to get an interesting story. And who cares if he ruins his career by printing lies about people when he doesn't have a notable career in the first place and is clearly too old to try to etch a respectable one out now.

What this has to do with my coverage of Madeleine McCann's disappearance: Not a goddamned thing. I'm not going anywhere. People like this Guy Hamilton character and his merry band of bullies can kiss my lily white ass and continue following my work. Clearly they're not important in the big scheme of things if they cannot be ethical enough to accept that their assumptions and biases were inappropriate and wrong. I will never stop pushing for the genuine and truthful answers behind what happened to Maddie -- come hell or high water.

Coming soon: The Case to Case Youtube Web Series!

A victim's recovery

A predator free among us...
Back in 2012 I covered the disappearance of a beautiful young aspiring actress named Satara Silver. She had vanished for several months and was believed to be in harm's way, in the company of a sex offender. During the early coverage of this case I got to know her mother, and was compelled to help her bring her daughter home to the best of my abilities -- which, admittedly, wasn't necessarily much. I pushed my blogs about her to as big of an audience as I could, and I searched the web for any idea of what might have happened to her -- which didn't last long at all. Once I had found her Facebook page and realized that certain apps she used were still active on her account, I knew that she was alive -- and with that hope, her mother was able to demand more be done to find her. This ended in her being released by the sex offender who had her in his grips. Anyone could have made the discovery I made. Anyone could have helped push for her to be found and brought to safety. So I realize that it was but a small stroke of luck. Nonetheless, that small stroke of luck led to the recovery of a victim, someone who would likely be dead today had it not been for the tenacity and love of her mother, the chance discovery of an active Facebook app and the pressure it put on her captor.
Satara with a new lease on life (photo credits IMDB)
If you recall the details of her case, she had been injected with heroin by the man who kept her in his grasps, which caused her to become hooked on the notoriously addictive narcotic. Paul Constantinescu is no ordinary sex offender, but one that has even been featured on a popular prime-time show about busting pedophiles. If you've ever watched any of those "To Catch a Predator" segments, you may have seen him. This man allegedly preyed on Satara's trusting nature before he turned her into his captor. He broke her down and brainwashed her. He subjected her to various forms of abuse, leaving her broken and addicted to the drugs he had forced upon her.

It's been two years and Satara is still a victim in recovery. The first year of her healing came with frequent nightmares and what her mother called "implanted memories" (which were part of the abuse she had suffered at the hands of Constantinescu). She was hypersensitive and couldn't stand the sensation of being touched by another person, traumatized from the experiences she had endured in California. In an uphill battle she's evolved and made amazing progress in her healing. Year two has come with fewer nightmares and she is not as fearful of human touch as she once was. She has fewer blackouts, and is pursuing higher education majoring in Political Anthropology, but passionately studying Astrophysics for her own intellectual enrichment. This is one smart cookie, and it saddens me to think that this beautiful mind might have been forever lost had it not been for the tenacity of her mother and her own personal strength. She is a survivor, and that's something that won't change.

Currently Satara is interning with the mayor of her town in hopes of developing a justice center. She has hope that the center could provide the support victims need in situations similar to hers -- support that she never got from officials in Los Angeles. In the past two years of her recovery she's not had one single incident involving drugs and has passed every single random drug test that's come her way. She was a victim in every sense of the word, and now she's a survivor looking forward to the next chapter in her life.

Samantha Koenig exposed a serial killer

My coverage of the Samantha Koenig disappearance was controversial at times -- especially when it came to defending a family who were under scrutiny unjustly, and undeservedly. I felt all along that someone unknown to Sam was responsible for her disappearance, and in the end Israel Keyes was arrested and charged with Sam's kidnapping and murder. Now here we are in 2014 and many are still intrigued by Keyes -- especially since he took his own life, leaving nothing but a trail of questions and only partial clues (oh, and no telling how many victims!). He is even the topic of an upcoming episode of Dark Minds.

Few -- or no -- people are acknowledging, however, that Samantha Koenig was the catalyst that led to Keyes being exposed. This young woman's kidnapping and murder almost takes a backseat to the horrific story of the serial killer who traveled from state to state preying on people almost indiscriminately. But had it not been for her, we'd likely not even know about this guy -- and he'd likely be out there preying on women, men and children with a thirst for death, money, sexual gratification and an outlet to calm his own inner demons.

Danielle Locklear is missing!

I've loved a missing person

I've been asked by people before if I've had a loved one go missing, or if I've ever lost someone I cared about. The answer to both of those questions is yes. Yes I have. I know what it feels like to never have that chance to say goodbye. The following post is about the person I loved and lost to a mysterious disappearance and a tragic death.

His name was Glen, the twin brother of one of my closest friends. Our relationship was brief, even though we had lived together for a while as platonic friends and roommates, but once we were together it was amazing. We never fought, got along famously, and had everything in common.

Unfortunately for the two of us: We were both young and stupid. We partied a lot, were irresponsible, did drugs (I was barely an adult [still a teen]) and lived for the next tattoos on our wishlists. It was because of this that we ended up separated early into our relationship. First it was due to an arrest that put over three hours between us, which may as well had been 1,000 miles since neither one of us had a car. He was jailed on an underage drinking warrant from before we met that had caught up with him, so we were separated for many, many weeks.

I waited for him, and we were reunited after he managed to catch a bus back up to the mountain from the city where he was staying with a sister after his release. Unfortunately, our happy reunion was destroyed when he confessed to me that he had cheated on me not long after his release from jail in Maricopa County. I was devastated. I was faithful to him, and I was confused by him claiming that he loved me when he was willing to ruin it all with casual sex with someone else.

I left him then, immediately moving on to a rebound relationship -- which proved to be nothing more but a launchpad into a series of terrible relationships with abusive men or men who simply were not good for me. And in a matter of two months I was still unable to forgive Glen when he spoke to me on the phone, wanting to "come see me," from the valley where he had moved after we broke up. I told him no. I told him that I had moved on with someone who wasn't a cheater and a liar. Told him that I never wanted to see him again.

I was lying. I loved him still. I missed him. But I was hurt. I didn't know that this would be the very last chance to speak to Glen. I was so hardheaded and unable to forgive him then, that I didn't care about how my rejection had actually hurt him, and I heard it in his voice as he muttered his goodbyes, hanging up the phone.

Nearly a year of time passed that I had not heard from Glen. I moved back in with my family in the mountains after leaving another boyfriend, one who had harmed me for several months. While recovering from that relationship I began to miss Glen, and wondered where he was. I wondered if he was in Phoenix or if he had moved back to New York where he was from.

Unfortunately, I was not the only person wondering where Glen had gone. He had been missing for many months by the time I returned home. Nobody knew where he was, not even his twin sister, and they were closer than any two people could be. They were best friends who doted on one another and who never went longer than a month or so without talking. When I learned that he had not even talked to Tammy in many months, I felt lost. I felt empty. I felt a combination of so many feelings mixed with so much confusion that it is just impossible to sum up in words. I truly know what it's like to feel so completely helpless when you can't find someone, when you don't know how to even begin looking.

All any of us could do was hope that Glen would just walk up one of our driveways carrying his big green duffel bag, like he had done every time he traveled. 

Many more months passed. I am not sure how many months went by, but I grew restless on the mountain. So I left. I met a new boyfriend -- who also turned out to be a douchecanoe -- and I moved to Hollywood, California where I continued being completely stupid, young and irresponsible. I pretty much lived at bars, which were serving me illegally since I was barely 20 years old. Life was just about drinking, drugs and reading tarot cards for money to drunk people and hanging around the worst neighborhoods in H'Wood and Los Angeles.

I was at "The Chicago Bar" when I found out what happened to Glen.

The Chicago Bar was a small indoor-outdoor bar that was stuffed into a strip mall that made up of tattoo shops, a donut shop and a Chinese restaurant. It was where I spent pretty much every single night to the point that every bartender knew me. I was friends with all the bouncers. Even the owner of the bar knew me, giving me my own table out on the patio that was always available. It was usually a place where I watched bands performed while reading tarot to the pub regulars.  But that night I was told by the bartender that my 'mum' had called and she sounded upset. I was told to call her immediately, so I jogged to the payphone a building away, stuffing I-don't-remember-how-many quarters into the thing since it was a long distance call and I didn't have my own mobile at the time.

When she answered, she didn't waste any time telling me that Glen had been hit by a car just days prior, and he was in a vegetative state. She told me that his parents were pulling him off of life support just shortly after identifying him -- for he was listed as John Doe in the hospital where he was rushed after the horrible accident. I still do not know exactly what happened, but he was possibly hitchhiking back to New York where his mother was. The accident took place in Virginia when he was crossing a busy highway. The accident was just that: An accident.

His life, for the numerous months that he was missing, is a mystery. Did he have a girlfriend? Was he happy? Did he miss me or his family like we all missed him? I have no answers. I have nothing but ashes tattooed into my back to remember him. And I know that no matter how impacted I am by this loss, his twin sister has been rocked to her very core -- barely able to recover and move on with her life after losing her other half. When someone you love goes missing, I don't think you ever, ever, ever get over it or move on. It's something that sticks with you forever. The same certainly goes for when they're found deceased or fatally injured. It's something that never leaves the back of my mind. I know it never will. 

Heather Elvis case analysis III: A deadly love triangle

As of March 13, 2014 Heather Elvis still hasn't been found -- and it doesn't seem likely that she'll be found alive even if she is located in the near or distant future. That's because two people have been arrested and charged with her kidnapping and murder: Sidney Moorer and his wife Tammy Caison Moorer. I've been a close observer since the early days of Heather's disappearance, and have weathered quite a few storms over the course of my coverage of this case. Nonetheless, I'm pushing forward with my analyses in hopes of tying it all together in comparison against the ever-evolving case.

It's been made rather clear by now: Heather was involved in a fatal love triangle. She was sleeping with Sidney Moorer for an unspecified amount of time, although Tammy Caison Moorer famously claimed that they had only had sex three times. However, what isn't clear is just how Heather wound up missing and presumably murdered by either Sidney, Tammy or both.

It's pretty obvious that Tammy was lying in her one and only publicized interview. She used common armor language that was clearly used to pad her claims that neither she or Sidney had nothing to do with Heather's disappearance. She insisted that the two of them had "an open marriage," at the time of his so called infidelity with the missing woman. She insinuated that Heather could have run off voluntarily -- that she had done it before, after all. All of this was used as an attempt to deflect suspicion away from her (but it certainly did the opposite). Her words in my article differed from the behavior she displayed publicly, and the words she had used.

From the moment Tammy contacted me, I knew she was the one in control of her marriage -- not Sidney. She was the one who did the talking -- not Sidney. She was the one who had the story -- not Sidney. She was the one who wanted to do the interview -- not Sidney. And as the weeks went by, it was she who kept an online presence over a span of at least two Facebook pages -- and I find it hard to believe that Sidney participated in any of the online discussion or status updates. They were all very passive aggressive posts, which is not the behavior that is characteristic of a man of Sidney's profile (blue collar/middle class, etc., etc., and so forth). I believe Tammy Caison Moorer was the one maintaining both pages as a means to send subtle (and not so subtle) messages to their community, to the family of Heather Elvis, to the police and to the media (among anyone else looking at their pages).

One of those subtle (or not so subtle depending on how you perceive things) actions on Facebook involved a certain photo of Sidney -- his midriff and happy-trail exposed, a gun holstered on the side of his pants, and a tattoo across his tummy. The tattoo sent a very clear message to the public -- and spoke volumes of Tammy Caison Moorer's insecurity, jealousy and lingering anger about the sexual relationship Sidney had with Heather Elvis.

Branded with the name of his wife, Sidney showed the world on his Facebook page (clearly maintained by his wife) that he belongs to Tammy Moorer. This photo, along with the numerous over-the-top romantic posts devoted to his wife (again, clearly posted by that very wife), contrasts against the interview Tammy gave me just weeks prior. This photo (above) is a clear message that sums up their relationship. It also sums up the mentalities of both suspects, which lends to a whole new profile in this analysis of Heather Elvis's disappearance (and murder).

To be clear, Tammy Caison Moorer is a little older than her husband. While there is nothing wrong with this fact (many relationships aren't matched in age, after all), the fact remains that Sidney chose a far younger (and more physically appealing) woman to be unfaithful, betraying his wife with someone who did indeed pose a threat to their marriage. Tammy Caison Moorer is a very vain woman, who takes great pride in her physical appearance and she strives to have total control of what the public sees of her family image. She grasps onto her youth with Disney vacations and layers of makeup that attempt to conceal the signs of aging. She meticulously displayed what she wanted the public to see: A happy, attractive and active family. So not only did Sidney cheat on her with a younger woman (strike-one-of-many in the damaged ego department) he brought unwanted attention to their clearly damaged marriage in a community that clearly loves to gossip. He brought unwanted attention to their real life, and not the cleaned up Disney version she presented.

Tammy's image of the apple-cheeked Disney family was threatened by Sidney's relationship with Heather Elvis -- which was likely a little more serious than a simple 3-time-sex-romp. Tammy's dominion over her family was threatened by her clearly submissive husband's philandering. So what happened? How did Heather's disappearance take place? What was the catalyst that turned a bruised marriage into a high profile murder case that still lacks a body of evidence?

And what exactly threatened what Tammy once called an "open marriage?"

It's easy to speculate that Heather could have gotten pregnant. This could have been the one unforgivable bruise to Tammy's ego, to her constructed family image that she had groomed over the years. Being in control of Sidney likely made it easier for this woman to demand, plot and execute a kidnapping and murder. It was bad enough that Sidney had sought outside relations with a younger person, but other elements were at play. If Heather was pregnant this meant she would not be leaving their lives. This meant that Sidney would have "another family" in one fashion or another. Tammy and their kids wouldn't be the #1 priority in his life, for he would have another child -- with someone he cheated on her with -- that he would have to take a role in raising (either with monetary support or physical help as a father figure). This would likely make Tammy blind with rage.

There is also the fact that Heather actively pursued Sidney. She made no secret of this behavior on her public Twitter profile for several months. She wanted Sidney. She pursued Sidney. And even after her date with a new man in her life, she supposedly wanted to meet Sidney at the boat landing -- allegedly claiming that he had plans of leaving his wife for her. Whether or not this was a ruse on the behalf of the Moorers to lure the young woman to her demise is another issue, but something else is certain: Heather was not interested in "going away," from her affair with Sidney. This meant she was a threat to their marriage with or without a pregnancy -- even if this was a so called "open marriage." Tammy would no longer be the alpha female. She wouldn't be in control.

Ultimately, Tammy Caison Moorer is a classic controlling personality. This leads me to believe that she either facilitated or executed Heather Elvis's kidnapping and murder.

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My domestic violence story

My domestic violence story was just one of the 1.3 million (annual) cases, but it's one that shaped who I am today and pointed me onto the many paths I've taken in my life to get to where I currently am. It's a story that I've only penned one time -- and that was to a judge in Arizona  (I'll explain that later). So I guess this is the first time I've ever told the story on a mass level. Before I get into it, I must warn all of my readers that this story may contain 'triggers' which may inflame PTSD in survivors of domestic violence. So you've been warned. **Names have been changed**

    I met "Johnny" when I had just turned 19-years-old. His dad "John Sr." moved up to the mountains with "Johnny" and his little brother "Carl," and they were becoming friendly with others who lived in the area -- which included my family and neighbors. "Johnny" was close in age to me -- 22, I believe -- and on the mountain, where we lived in the wilderness far removed from society, that was a rare find. So naturally in my boy-crazy way, I began a sexual relationship with "Johnny" that quickly turned into a more serious relationship. Within a couple of months the two of us were living together on a piece of property his father was buying. In the first handful of weeks of our relationship, everything was fine. We had a couple of acres of land. I had my dog, and we had numerous chickens and ducks. You know, the makings of that "American dream," I guess.

That all changed when his father decided we were all moving to Winslow -- several hours away from where I had known to be my home. I've lived all over Arizona, but at the time I was not familiar with Winslow, so I was like a fish out of water and dependent on both "John Sr.," and his son -- whom I had discovered suffered from clinical schizophrenia, and he was on medication for it. The medication kept him stable, and at the time I didn't fully understand what it was like to live with someone who suffers with this mental illness, so I was naive.

We lived out in the middle of nowhere -- which was something I was used to, but this time I did not have any of my loved ones within reasonable distance to reach out to when I needed them. I was fully dependent on these two men, which was not a good thing. It was during this time -- that I was removed from the lives of my loved ones -- "Johnny" decided to stop taking his medication -- which caused him to act strangely, and say strange things. His father also decided that we didn't need to "live on the grid," and he kept our home without electricity, plumbing or running water -- save for the occasional gallon of gas for his "generator" or poorly charged deep cycle batteries that ran on a power inverter (This needs to be clarified for those of you who are not aware of how people "live off the grid" in the U.S.). For a "septic," he dug a hole beneath the home (a 5th wheel trailer) and expected our waste to go into it. He also kept the home devoid of food. "Johnny" and I lived off of potatoes and eggs while "John Sr." spent most of his time a handful of miles away at his sister's where he would eat regular meals and sit in air conditioning while watching cable television.

"Johnny's" mental state slipped drastically within weeks of stopping his schizophrenia medication. He went from making odd statements ( such as laughing about rape and violence) to actually being violent. He would push/shove me any chance he could, sometimes causing me to fall in the dirt in the hot Arizona terrain where we lived "off the grid." There were times that he would kick me, or punch me in the ribs.  There were times that he'd pull my hair as I was stepping up into the home we shared, only to fall out onto my ass -- which would make him laugh. Sometimes he would sit next to me on our couch, and he would pinch me on my arms and legs -- just hard enough to hurt and bruise me. One of the worst days of abuse came when I was trimming my split ends in the little bathroom of the trailer we shared out in the middle of nowhere. I can't remember what I said to "Johnny," that angered him. I really can't. It's been over a decade, and even though I'm scarred, there are some memories of those days that falter and fade. Anyway, he had a handheld clipper/shaver plugged into the wall where it rested on the back of the bathroom counter(we sometimes used a gas powered generator and "camp showers" for hygiene purposes, hooked onto the 5th wheel trailer). He grabbed it and stuck it to the side of my head, running it up the side. This shaved off half of the hair on my head, leaving me with no choice but to shave my head all over -- something that took nearly a year to grow back. Even several months after I had left the guy, I was forced to remember him by looking in the mirror and seeing my hair -- which had once been thick, red and down my back -- cut short in a buzz cut.

I hit my boiling point one day. Again, I can't remember what caused his outburst, but he slapped me in the face and kicked my dog when she barked at him. I had endured over nine months of abuse, of senseless behavior. I didn't know what to do, stuck out in the middle of nowhere, no phone, no electricity, no way to separate myself from the situation in which I suffered. I flung a heavy glass ashtray at him, missing his face by just a hair. I punched him -- in the chest I believe -- and then grabbed his dust-covered VCR from the entertainment unit that we never used, and I walloped him upside the head with it. It all happened in just a flicker of a moment, but seemed to go by in slow motion. I was in a rage after being hit, pushed, abused emotionally and physically, coerced into sex that I didn't want to have and then seeing him physically injure my dog -- who had only just recovered after being shot by some trigger happy moron who lived near us out in the middle of nowhere. I loved my dog, and I hated him. I hated him with everything in me, and I wanted to hurt him like he hurt me.

I got what I wanted. I hurt him, but not so bad that he couldn't leave our house -- which was something I was absolutely thankful for. He never expected me to fight back because he was nothing more than a coward and a bully. I was glad he left, and hoped that he walked the couple of miles to where his father was so they could return and I could demand that my shit be packed up and I be taken back to my family several hours away from the hellhole I was in. Less than an hour later, I was greeted by police cruisers.

"Johnny" turned me in for assaulting him.

His cowardice knew no boundaries. The police had no choice, and even told me as they arrested me, noting that I was covered in bruises that were in various stages of healing (bruises that he had inflicted upon me over a course of a handful of months). He was the one who called the police, not I. Had I been the one who filed the report for all of the pain he caused me, he would have been the ones being cuffed and hauled to jail. I stayed in jail overnight -- was released on my own recognizance and given a court date. I then had to hitchhike for a half hour to get back to the property -- where my dog had been chained up for 24 hours without food or water in the hot Arizona sun. I was ready to leave, prepared to pack my belongings, take my dog and just hitchhike back home where we would be safe.

There was a problem with that plan, however, and that problem was "John Sr." He was a brute of a man and was very blunt when he told me that I would be staying with his son. He told me that when my court date came he would be the one taking me to appear before the judge. He told me that I would plea guilty, and that I would never tell what his son had done to me and my dog. He told me that his son "would never go to jail," over me, and that I would never take him away.

And if I wouldn't obey his instructions: 

"John Sr." told me clearly and explicitly that he would shoot me in the head and stuff my body into a barrel of acid, which would be thrown into either the Salt River or another body of water. He promised me that he'd done it before, and that my body would be dissolved to nothing but jelly long before anyone would find the barrel. He promised me that this would be my fate if I ever told anyone what happened between me and his son.

Again, I was only 19-years-old. He terrified me. I obeyed just as he demanded, and when my court date came by, I entered a plea of 'no contest' and repeated that I had hormonal issues (as John Sr. directed). The judge eyeballed me and gave me a light sentence -- 12 visits with a shrink for "anger management" (which I completed) and a $100.00 fine. The charge was nothing more than a 2nd degree misdemeanor of simple assault (instead of something far worse). I was never able to pay  that fine -- only managed to pay $20.00 of it. But I did get away from "John Sr." and "Johnny." They were satisfied that "Johnny" wouldn't be getting in any trouble for his abusive behavior, so it wasn't an issue for me and my dog to be returned to my family where I could finally get away from both of them. As soon as I returned home I began writing down everything that happened to me, in very graphic detail. I penned the statement -- which was several pages long -- and I mailed it to the judge who took my coerced plea of 'no contest.'

She chose to ignore it, but told me directly in a telephone call to "leave Arizona," so nothing would happen to me for refusing to pay my fine. I felt victimized again, and it hurt even more so that the judge was a woman -- someone who I expected to have sympathy and understanding for victims of domestic violence and coercion. I was forced to enter a plea that was not honest, I was forced under threats of my own murder and gruesome bodily disposal by someone who told me that he had done it before. The judge chose to ignore this, telling me that I should have had the strength to tell her this in open court (as my abuser and his father stood behind me, my dog in their possession back at their home). It became apparent to me that this judge had not only no compassion for victims of domestic abuse, but she didn't even understand what level of fear many of us live under. She didn't understand why I was so easily coerced into lying in court.

Now, over a decade later, I am free of "Johnny," but not the memories of what he did to me. I also suffer with the fact that I can never safely enter my home state unless I pay a fine that I shouldn't have to pay. I refuse to pay it. It's simply another slap in the face on top of the many that my abuser dealt me. Paying that fine would only give "John Sr." and his son the power that they had over me in the past. It would only acknowledge that I was not "strong enough" to speak out in open court as they breathed down the back of my neck. I shouldn't have had to be "strong enough." I shouldn't have ever been in that situation, but no woman expects to be sucked into a life of violence and pain and heartbreak when they are stupid, young and looking for romance.

This is just my story of domestic violence, but it's a story that I've lived -- and again, it's a story that shaped my life and who I am today. I'm a stronger person now because of the lessons I've learned -- that misogyny and domestic violence are acceptable in Arizona, as long as you know how to get away with it, and that battered women are not given the help they deserve in our horribly broken system. I've learned a lot since those days, but I've held it all inside until this post. Of course there are a lot of specific/graphic details that I am choosing to keep to myself, but this is it in a nutshell.

I'm a survivor. One of the millions.

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All warrants against Sidney and Tammy Moorer

The following PDF files are the warrants against Sidney Moorer and Tammy Caison-Moorer. Both of them have been charged with obstruction, indecent exposure, kidnapping and the murder of Heather Elvis. There are a lot of details that are obviously being protected by investigators, so there is a lot that we don't know. In the meantime, we have the official documents that officials in Horry County are allowing for release:

Tammy Caison-Moorer warrants:

Sidney StClair Moorer warrants:

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Heather Elvis Podcast Part II: Technical difficulties!

Image representing Blog Talk Radio as depicted...
Image via CrunchBase
This week's podcast was cut short due to more tech difficulties on BlogTalkRadio. Audio clips weren't playing, and my 'mic' kept cutting in and out. Unfortunately those technical difficulties also extended to the chat module and I was unable to produce a full transcript. So, to put it bluntly, this week's podcast was a total fail.

I will be covering some of the latest updates to Heather's case in a couple of posts on All Voices, so please look for them. Again, sorry about the fail!
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The Heather Elvis podcast: What you missed

Hey guys, we talked about a lot on the "Heather Elvis Discussion" podcast on Sunday (2/16/2014) and the chatroom lasted 30 minutes prior and even after the show. I had to close it, unfortunately, even though the discussion was hot -- and at times a little less than civil.  Following the link list, please scroll down for a transcript of the chat so you can see what you missed. (listen to the show by clicking here)

During the show I stated that it's not recommended to put your personal telephone number (cell or land-line) on a missing person's poster, and I gave two very descriptive reasons. Here is a link explaining in more detail why it's not recommended:

The North American Missing Persons Network

During the podcast I referred to the Samantha Koenig case and how Chris Bird (aka "Whyte Tyson") was falsely accused by a community hellbent on lynching an innocent person. More about that case can be found here on the Case to Case blog by simply typing in "Samantha Koenig" or "Whyte Tyson" in the search bar on the right side of the screen.

The music provided by Whyte Tyson can be found here...

Below for chat transcript (direct copy/paste)

Or you can click here for the official public transcript of the chat (new)


(please note that I had begun marking the names of the chatters in 'bold' in this transcript but I'm lazy so I stopped halfway through. I recommend reading the transcript linked above)
(17:52:42):Welcome to the Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case Chat Room.
Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (17:56:40):

going live in a half hour

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (17:58:37):


Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (17:58:48):

you guys can participate if you make nicknames here on BTR :)

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (17:58:52):
The show goes live in 30 min

DebbieMcEwinPonder says to (18:01:45):
Very interesting case...excited to see everyones input....

AlmaOlsen says to (18:04:56):
does the pod cast show up here

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:06:08):
glad people are showing up :)

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:06:16):
we go live in 25

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:06:45):
the podcast is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/casetocase/2014/02/16/heather-elvis-discussion

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:06:59):
or you can stream it live from chelseahoffman.com when it begins

StacieLittlefield says to (18:11:14):
How come you block people that disagree with you on your fb page and other people that slander Terry Elvis and attack others are not blocked

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:11:51):
@Stacie -- this is unrelated to Heather Elvis's disappearance. If you have a question about the guidelines put in place on my fan page, please contact me via ChelseaHoffman.Com

StacieLittlefield says to (18:11:56):
I dont use nicknames...Im REAL,I dont hide behind my computer afraid to show my face

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:12:07):
Today's chat is about the actual case/disappearance of Heather Elvis, thanks

StacieLittlefield says to (18:12:39):
My bad

StacieLittlefield says to (18:14:12):
Do you think LE knows more than they are telling us ?

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:14:40):
@stacie -- absolutely

StacieLittlefield says to (18:15:28):
why do you think LE has not named a POI

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:16:28):
Well, there are multiple POIs but they haven't publicly acknowledged who their suspects are -- though it was insinuated that the Moorers were/are suspects in another police report. Unconfirmed tho

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:17:53):
I want to remind the "guests' in the chat that you can sign up on BTR with an nickname and participate with questions/comments

StacieLittlefield says to (18:18:14):
If you were one of the POI,would you fully cooperate ? Would you take a polygraph?

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:19:27):
It would depend on what an attorney would say after gauging the situation.

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:20:02):
Most likely, yes, though

StacieLittlefield says to (18:20:28):
Do you have your own theory as to what happen ,not aking you to share it..just curious

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:20:40):
I've pondered on a few

KatieDuncan says to (18:21:13):
Why does TE Have his cell# listed on the first missing flyers and still on the facebook page?

StacieLittlefield says to (18:21:28):
Its been almost two months,do you feel this case is going cold..or do you think LE is on top of things more than we know

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:22:14):
We go live in 8 minutes, guys

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:22:21):
@Katie - good question, will answer that one on the air

KatieDuncan says to (18:22:59):

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:23:08):
@Stacie - that question is a paradox sadly. I want to trust the LE, but their track record isn't necesssarily the best.

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:25:59):
going live in 4

HolidayGolightly says to (18:28:34):
Many have asked why SM hasn't taken a poly. Has the whole Elvis family submitted to polygraphs, including TE? Also, I have only seen/heard that that the date has been cleared by LE. Does that mean that the family has not been cleared?

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:29:54):
(Tp) going live!

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:40:11):
going to take calls after this brief break

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:41:53):
Anyone have any questions/comments so far?

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (18:41:56):
that I've missed?

heather elvis discussion says to (18:43:23):
why dont sm take a poly????

EmilyMooda says to (18:43:35):
maybe he has :)

heather elvis discussion says to (18:44:19):
no he hasnt its been made public that he hasnt

EmilyMooda says to (18:44:35):
not by LE only public by family

The Show39 says to (18:45:12):
tTo my understanding the only people so far cleared are the date and the roommate. Does that mean the family has not been cleared yet? And if they haven't have they been polygraphed yet?

HolidayGolightly says to (18:45:51):
I asked this before, but in case you missed it: Many have asked why SM hasn't taken a poly. Has the whole Elvis family submitted to polygraphs, including TE?

EmilyMooda says to (18:46:53):
its my stalker callin you

heather elvis discussion says to (18:48:47):
whos your stalker emily

EmilyMooda says to (18:49:13):
obviously an admirer :D

heather elvis discussion says to (18:49:21):

heather elvis discussion says to (18:49:28):

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (18:50:18):
how much are Moorers paying you Beth Hebda?

HolidayGolightly says to (18:50:20):
I guess if her information

EmilyMooda says to (18:50:21):
do u know which REs have been searched??

EmilyMooda says to (18:50:31):

heather elvis discussion says to (18:51:16):
berh hebda huh?????

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (18:51:51):
how much are the Moorers paying you Beth Hebda?

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (18:52:10):
the Elvis family have ALL taken polygraphs!

heather elvis discussion says to (18:52:17):
what do you think bout jeremy??????

HolidayGolightly says to (18:52:19):
I suppose if Terry Elvis had not put a bounty out for her information, people would not be harrassing her via telephone. Keep it about Heather.

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (18:52:31):
how much are the Moorers paying you Beth Hebda?

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (18:53:07):
Did you hear that Beth Hebda?

EmilyMooda says to (18:53:19):
what do u think bout the admitted fabrication of information being put out??

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (18:53:29):
Chelsea just said she DID NOT THINK Terry was involved!

EmilyMooda says to (18:53:55):
Actually no one thinks that Terry was involved

heather elvis discussion says to (18:54:43):
when u got people like emily mooda interfering how do you expect them to act??????

EmilyMooda says to (18:55:05):
or people like you all who put words into other mouths?

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (18:55:08):
You lost custody of your children, who are you to discuss anything related to this family???

HolidayGolightly says to (18:55:22):
Keep it about Heather!

heather elvis discussion says to (18:55:52):
or people like you who lose there own kids

Costella Westmoreland says to (18:55:53):
+1 keep it about Heather.

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (18:56:02):
Holiday Goscrewyourself

HolidayGolightly says to (18:56:47):
That was mature.

heather elvis discussion says to (18:56:55):
you think the cops could really b lying bout this case

EmilyMooda says to (18:57:14):
hey may not lie but they do not giveout ALL info

EmilyMooda says to (18:57:27):
even to the family

heather elvis discussion says to (18:57:36):
im not talking to you emily or beth i mean

EmilyMooda says to (18:57:44):
figure it out

heather elvis discussion says to (18:57:56):
you figure it out

EmilyMooda says to (18:58:07):
I have :)

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (18:58:35):
Beth Hebda is being paid to deflect the attention off the guilty party, The Moorers!

The Show39 says to (18:58:41):
keep it classy Team Terry

heather elvis discussion says to (18:58:48):
than why have you not solved the case beth

heather elvis discussion says to (18:59:06):
thank you chelsea

EmilyMooda says to (18:59:08):

heather elvis discussion says to (18:59:24):
you r sick beth

EmilyMooda says to (18:59:30):
oppsss my bad i thought it was about HEATHER

EmilyMooda says to (18:59:44):
or have ALL of you forgotten??

answers for heather elvis says to (18:59:51):
this is about heather why are you bashing emily

EmilyMooda says to (18:59:58):
I have not bashed

EmilyMooda says to (19:00:03):
I do have questions

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (19:00:05):
not today

HolidayGolightly says to (19:00:08):

heather elvis discussion says to (19:00:10):
we have forgotten you emily or beth

EmilyMooda says to (19:00:13):
sometimes one has to move back to move forward

HolidayGolightly says to (19:00:18):
She got bashed!!!

answers for heather elvis says to (19:00:27):
i met why is everyone bashing emily

heather elvis discussion says to (19:00:31):
she deserves to get bashed

EmilyMooda says to (19:00:45):
they believe they know me. i ask questions.

Costella Westmoreland says to (19:00:50):
Yeah, because bashing someone for asking questions will help find Heather.....yeah right.

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (19:00:51):
worry about the problems with your OWN children

EmilyMooda says to (19:00:59):
i look at all angles which is NOT what they have been directing ppl

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (19:01:11):

you've got NADA

heather elvis discussion says to (19:01:13):

right beth fix your own life before you try to fix everyone else

answers for heather elvis says to (19:01:26):

mb you know nothing except how to hack people

EmilyMooda says to (19:01:32):

Point being, maybe you all need to look at ALL angles

HolidayGolightly says to (19:01:41):


mbcouchdetectives2 says to (19:01:46):

you sure like to accuse people of NPD, especailly your ex-husband who has custoday of your children

heather elvis discussion says to (19:01:57):

point being sm is guilty and so is his wife tm

HolidayGolightly says to (19:02:05):

Why is this about Emily???? Becasue she asks questions?? It is ignorant to explore only one side!!

answers for heather elvis says to (19:02:12):

who cares this is about heather no one else so drop it

EmilyMooda says to (19:02:18):

who says?? show me the proof.... show me text messages until 6

heather elvis discussion says to (19:02:33):

the police have them

EmilyMooda says to (19:02:36):

It is said when women cannot have opinions that differ

EmilyMooda says to (19:02:47):

and it is said that ppl get attacked for opinions

heather elvis discussion says to (19:02:58):

or for being fake

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (19:03:08):

Yes they do as well as the FBI! So you have a nice day & enjoy it while you can :-*

EmilyMooda says to (19:03:09):


HolidayGolightly says to (19:03:17):

<<palm to face

DebbieMcEwinPonder says to (19:03:17):

Did Tammy Moorer say that sidney met Heather at the landing the night she went missing?? Claiming she was pregnant??

heather elvis discussion says to (19:03:30):

yep she sure did

answers for heather elvis says to (19:03:33):

how is she being fake who would want their personal information out there when someone is missing

Costella Westmoreland says to (19:03:34):

No, she didn't, Debbie. That text was proven to be fake.

EmilyMooda says to (19:03:36):


heather elvis discussion says to (19:03:38):

to give her money

heather elvis discussion says to (19:03:50):

no we didnt

HolidayGolightly says to (19:03:54):


heather elvis discussion says to (19:03:57):

she created herself

EmilyMooda says to (19:04:05):


heather elvis discussion says to (19:04:14):

no we didnt

EmilyMooda says to (19:04:18):

yes you did

heather elvis discussion says to (19:04:20):

thats what you do

EmilyMooda says to (19:04:22):


heather elvis discussion says to (19:04:30):

and where r your kids beth

DebbieMcEwinPonder says to (19:04:30):

If that is true then not only is he the last person to speak to her but also the last person to SEE her....

EmilyMooda says to (19:04:45):

that has NOT been verified

HolidayGolightly says to (19:04:50):

**IF** that is true

Costella Westmoreland says to (19:04:51):

The text was a fake - you can check with the HCPD.

HolidayGolightly says to (19:04:58):

People went to jail for that text

heather elvis discussion says to (19:05:00):

where r your kids beth

answers for heather elvis says to (19:05:17):

who cares about her kids this is about heather you damn moron

HolidayGolightly says to (19:05:28):

If you are so focused on Emily, why are you here?

Costella Westmoreland says to (19:05:29):

Please, trolls, keep it about Heather. You remember Heather - the missing girl, right?????

heather elvis discussion says to (19:05:30):

damn moron huh ok

EmilyMooda says to (19:05:35):

they went to jail for INTERROGATION of witnesses

EmilyMooda says to (19:06:05):

you bash ppl for fake profiles yet look at yourselves

answers for heather elvis says to (19:06:18):

least the one man who went to jail can man up for what he did

heather elvis discussion says to (19:06:21):

bye beth take care of your kids

DebbieMcEwinPonder says to (19:06:21):


EmilyMooda says to (19:06:27):

you judge and attack and THIS IS WHY you cannot find Heather, you all have destroyed this case

DebbieMcEwinPonder says to (19:06:49):


HolidayGolightly says to (19:06:52):

Exactly my sentiment!

heather elvis discussion says to (19:06:52):

no she did not send that text

EmilyMooda says to (19:07:04):

The text was faked it was not true

EmilyMooda says to (19:07:25):

I mean the contents may be true but the only ppl to verify the rumor of pregnacy have not confirmed it

heather elvis discussion says to (19:07:58):

glad you know so much bout the case beth you should b a cop

EmilyMooda says to (19:08:25):

The leaders of this lynch mob have fabricated new worth lies to spread the word

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (19:08:27):

she should be quite familiar with the cops, she's got a nice little arrest record herself

heather elvis discussion says to (19:09:03):

lol dont surprise me any

Costella Westmoreland says to (19:09:07):

Hey MB, have you heard about the missing girl named Heather Elvis???? That's what this discussion is about.

answers for heather elvis says to (19:09:28):

wow you guys are un believable there is a missing 20 year old and your bashing someone you dont even know your not even looking for heather

EmilyMooda says to (19:09:28):

CHELSEA I would like a transcript of this please when you get it. I am sure it will help in the up and coming litiation. THANK YOU

heather elvis discussion says to (19:09:42):

yea and getting people off the case who have no business on it

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (19:09:51):

Better get a real job to afford those attorney fees

HolidayGolightly says to (19:10:03):

You people are sick...no focus on Heather, more harrassing of people irrelevant to the case. My chihuahua has a higher IQ than all of you ( the people who have lost the focus) combined.

DebbieMcEwinPonder says to (19:10:15):

on the podcast there was a picture of a chat between Tammy Moorer and someone else ...Tammy Moorer said that Sidney met heather to give her money because she was saying she was pregnant..she also called her a whore.....is this chat for real CHELSEA???

Costella Westmoreland says to (19:10:44):

Debbie, that was a screenshot of a text that was determined to be faked. http://www.wbtw.com/story/24565490/2-charged-with-interferring-in-case-of-heather-elvis

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (19:10:46):

whats sick is some trailor trash rolling up on Chelsea Hoffmans page lying to anyone who would listen, pretending her daughter was friends with Heather Elvis. THATS SICK!

heather elvis discussion says to (19:10:46):

no it is not real it was made up by bill

answers for heather elvis says to (19:11:22):

hey emily did you get that it was made up by bill hmm

heather elvis discussion says to (19:11:22):

agreed mb

EmilyMooda says to (19:11:32):

I have a question, HOW MANY TIMES HAS BILL BARRETT crossed the LINE IN THE SAND??

heather elvis discussion says to (19:11:51):

all for heather

EmilyMooda says to (19:12:05):

how does that help HEATHER???

answers for heather elvis says to (19:12:12):

so bill made up the fake text all for heather?

heather elvis discussion says to (19:12:16):

he would do anything for heather and her safety

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (19:12:20):

Bill Barrett has done nothing but try to help this family find their missing daughter. What have you done but spread your dumpster diva LIES!

heather elvis discussion says to (19:12:31):


EmilyMooda says to (19:12:36):

Did he practice waterboarding somewhere??

heather elvis discussion says to (19:13:00):

did you practice being a bad mother someplace or did it just come naturaly

DebbieMcEwinPonder says to (19:13:03):

Hmmmmm.....what makes you think THAT was Bill??? And not Tammy???

EmilyMooda says to (19:13:05):

Isn't that the job of the police??

HolidayGolightly says to (19:13:06):

Why did Bill Barrett say that LE told him that Heather is dead?

answers for heather elvis says to (19:13:17):

wasnt garrett arested for the fake text you guys are idiots

heather elvis discussion says to (19:13:39):

garrett and bill both were

heather elvis discussion says to (19:13:52):


EmilyMooda says to (19:13:56):

At this point you all have contaminated this case SO MUCH with fabrication, even if SM was arrested, he would still be gound NOT GUILtY

EmilyMooda says to (19:14:17):


answers for heather elvis says to (19:14:17):

bill was arrested for the text he was arrested for doing his own investigation

heather elvis discussion says to (19:14:24):

kinda like you and your daughter knows heather

EmilyMooda says to (19:14:47):

kinda like, hhmm since you do not know my daughter, how would you know?

DebbieMcEwinPonder says to (19:14:54):

Wow....easy to get lost here....

HolidayGolightly says to (19:15:05):

After Bill Barrett had already been arrested, WHY DID HE SAY THAT LE TOLD HIM THAT HEATHER WAS DEAD???

EmilyMooda says to (19:15:09):

since you are so sure who everyone is... :D

heather elvis discussion says to (19:15:13):

because you dont even know who your daugher knows cuz u dont have her

Costella Westmoreland says to (19:15:21):

At this point, if Heather walked in the front door, these people would claim the Moorers must have fabricated a robot that looks just like her, because no matter what facts are presented to them, only one outcome is acceptable.

EmilyMooda says to (19:15:41):

No wonder the kid may have run away

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (19:15:41):

the last person to speak to Heather is the one who knows where she is!

answers for heather elvis says to (19:15:45):

why did bill say le told him heather was dead

HolidayGolightly says to (19:15:47):

^^^ Very true!!

EmilyMooda says to (19:15:54):

I cannot imagine living under these conditions..

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (19:16:05):

kinda like your house Beth?

EmilyMooda says to (19:16:11):


Costella Westmoreland says to (19:16:17):

I wouldn't blame her for running away from this crew.

heather elvis discussion says to (19:16:29):

they problaby did you heard chelsea say that they can lie all they want to

EmilyMooda says to (19:16:39):

Wasn't it 15 years in the pen if LE found out he told??

mbcouchdetectives2 says to (19:17:00):

you are the MINORITY! What like 5 people are acutally listening to the *** you spew out of your mouth??

answers for heather elvis says to (19:17:02):


mbcouchdetectives2 says to (19:17:10):


Costella Westmoreland says to (19:17:23):

oh that's right. "we are 45000 strong. we are above the law!" blah blah

EmilyMooda says to (19:17:23):

that may be not as true as you wish

heather elvis discussion says to (19:17:40):

they probably did tell him that they lie you heard chelsea didnt you

EmilyMooda says to (19:18:00):

then if they lied to him, WHY WOULD HE MENTION 15 years

answers for heather elvis says to (19:18:08):


EmilyMooda says to (19:18:18):

as well as 15 times he crossed the line in the sand

heather elvis discussion says to (19:18:21):

thats probably what they told him idiot

heather elvis discussion says to (19:18:32):

ask them

answers for heather elvis says to (19:18:39):


EmilyMooda says to (19:18:47):

I mean you guys are the ALL KNOWING

EmilyMooda says to (19:18:49):

tell us

answers for heather elvis says to (19:18:51):


heather elvis discussion says to (19:18:55):

how in the hell would i know idiot

HolidayGolightly says to (19:18:59):

The statistics say she is likely not alive, but that is NOT what Bill Barrett said. He said he would get 15 years for divulging this information on social media. the information that he shared was that LE told him that they KNOW Heather is no longer alive

EmilyMooda says to (19:19:21):


EmilyMooda says to (19:19:34):

Big word know

HolidayGolightly says to (19:20:08):

Big difference between KNOWING and SPECULATING!!

heather elvis discussion says to (19:20:09):

u need help beth

EmilyMooda says to (19:20:17):

No one has accused terry of doing anything to his daughter, that was created by pot stirrers

heather elvis discussion says to (19:20:17):

sure is

heather elvis discussion says to (19:20:35):

no it was created by u beth

EmilyMooda says to (19:20:52):

But what has been said is that he may know more then what he has told or that he may know something he doesnt realize is important

EmilyMooda says to (19:20:58):

show me

EmilyMooda says to (19:21:03):


heather elvis discussion says to (19:21:03):

and your daugher is scared to death of te as is his daugher heather

answers for heather elvis says to (19:21:06):


EmilyMooda says to (19:21:12):


EmilyMooda says to (19:21:23):

I do not hack computers to delete information

EmilyMooda says to (19:21:39):

unlike some of you

heather elvis discussion says to (19:22:02):

u said that your daugher and heather were both scared of te

EmilyMooda says to (19:22:06):

SHOW me.... please. Message it to me

answers for heather elvis says to (19:22:08):


EmilyMooda says to (19:22:34):

I HAVE EVERY SINGLE POST ON EVERY DISCUSSION in e mail and have offered to both SLED and the FBI

heather elvis discussion says to (19:22:38):

you said it on chelsea hoffman case to case

heather elvis discussion says to (19:23:05):

lol sure u do the ones that dont point quily your way

answers for heather elvis says to (19:23:11):


EmilyMooda says to (19:23:13):

Said what?? that my child was afraid... sure she is a kid

HolidayGolightly says to (19:23:23):

What is she guilty of?

EmilyMooda says to (19:23:34):

Many young girls become frightened, as I explained

heather elvis discussion says to (19:23:37):

you said she was afraid of te and so was he

EmilyMooda says to (19:23:41):

to who, NM yep

heather elvis discussion says to (19:23:43):


EmilyMooda says to (19:23:46):

got those all saved to

heather elvis discussion says to (19:24:03):

your daugher dont even know te or he

heather elvis discussion says to (19:24:09):

or you for that matter

EmilyMooda says to (19:24:17):

young ladies percieve many things as threats or scary or frightening

answers for heather elvis says to (19:24:53):


EmilyMooda says to (19:25:04):

OK so you believe as you will, I have a lawyer to represent my rights and all of this

heather elvis discussion says to (19:25:23):

u were saying that te was abusive to he and to your daugher lyer

EmilyMooda says to (19:25:39):

LIAR??? education??

answers for heather elvis says to (19:25:51):


heather elvis discussion says to (19:25:52):

how you paying for your lawyer beth

EmilyMooda says to (19:25:58):

i said there was "talk" of what others considered abuse

heather elvis discussion says to (19:26:13):

no you said that your daugher witnessed it

EmilyMooda says to (19:26:21):

that my daughter was afraid

EmilyMooda says to (19:26:25):

for her friend

heather elvis discussion says to (19:26:37):

im done if you cant even back up what you post than you r not worth my time bye beth

answers for heather elvis says to (19:26:43):


EmilyMooda says to (19:26:48):

I never said that. See you guys cant even fight your way out of a wet paper bag

Costella Westmoreland says to (19:27:22):

Attacking EmilyMooda and/or calling her names does nothing to help find Heather. In fact, it is more likely to alienate possible witnesses who would be afraid to come forward.

EmilyMooda says to (19:27:35):

You people seem to try and target others due to your own frustrations... it seems many of you didnt even know the real Heather. You kinda did but she was a little young for your 30 year old butts

heather elvis discussion says to (19:27:43):

we r trying to find heather trust me

heather elvis discussion says to (19:28:07):

emily dont mean *** to not one of us she will not hinder anything trust me

EmilyMooda says to (19:28:11):

by how??? threatening people??? attacking people??

EmilyMooda says to (19:28:45):

there are several of you I have chatted with.. and gave other scenarios... rule those out first is all I suggest

HolidayGolightly says to (19:29:05):

What has "heather elvis discussion" contributed to this discussion??

EmilyMooda says to (19:29:08):

and as I also have said I do not know the moorers

leanne 2 says to (19:29:24):

I have seen a lot of people claim Emily and others accused of hindering this investigation, but the only people who have been *charged* with hindering the investigation were Terry Elvis's best friend and another guy.

EmilyMooda says to (19:29:36):

or the elvis family and I do feel deep empathy for them but my concern is finding that CHILD

HolidayGolightly says to (19:29:41):

^^Thank you!!

EmilyMooda says to (19:29:49):

and not what you all think or what you all threaten

EmilyMooda says to (19:29:56):

I have a DEEP CONCERN for this kid

HolidayGolightly says to (19:30:23):

I think the trolls are gone!

EmilyMooda says to (19:30:24):

we go to other areas to discuss our ideas and theories

EmilyMooda says to (19:30:47):

yes let them run

EmilyMooda says to (19:31:11):

CHELSEA I really do need a copy of this.... it is PROOF. I need this Thank you

HolidayGolightly says to (19:32:06):

I'd like to frame "Holiday GoScrewYourSelf" on my wall, actually. That was so kind.

Costella Westmoreland says to (19:32:20):


HolidayGolightly says to (19:32:28):


Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (19:42:04):

Wow the chat is still going~

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (19:44:06):

Going to post to the archive on chelseahoffman.com soon guys

HolidayGolightly says to (19:45:48):

awesome. Thank you, kindly. I waiting for my framed "Goscrewyourself" ;)

HolidayGolightly says to (19:46:00):


AlmaOlsen says to (19:50:16):

Is there an actual place where they discuss this case in a civil manner?

AlmaOlsen says to (19:50:42):

I know Chelsea on your FB page they do

AlmaOlsen says to (19:50:49):

or try to

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (19:57:45):

I havent' been able to read this chat due to hostng the show lol, but I truly am sorry if there are folks who can't keep it civil. I really try to keep it civil, but I need an assistant.

Chelsea Hoffman Case to Case says (20:04:31):

Okay guys, closing down the chat and uploading the history to the blog. Thanks for participating!

HolidayGolightly says to (20:05:16):

@Alma "Sleuthers anonymous for heather elvis" seems civil so far...but not too many people seem to be there
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Do you recognize this Jane Doe?

Update: This Jane Doe (Jane 'Train' Doe) has been identified. However, her identification has yet to be released pending the notification of her next-of-kin.
This woman was found dead on top of a railroad tanker car in Utah on Jan. 13, 2014 -- but the train had originated in Las Vegas, Nevada. She had been dead just a matter of days, but had no identification on her and no other way to determine her identity. Her features are very recognizable and she has at least one tattoo -- one being a vibrantly colored piece on her back (pictured above). As many of you know, I always stress the importance of sharing photos of tattoos when their loved ones are missing -- and this is precisely why. Hopefully someone out there sees this tattoo and recognizes it as belonging to someone they know. This Jane Doe needs to be connected to a real name. I am not going to post the photo of her face, but you can click here to be directed straight to her NamUs page. 
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