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My thoughts on the Ember Graham disappearance

If you've been paying attention to my fan page on Facebook you'll know that I'm covering the disappearance of California baby Ember Graham. The six-month-old infant was reported missing by her father, who claimed that he last saw her in her crib the previous night. He also told authorities that the front door of his home was open when he discovered that his baby was missing. It's been five days since she vanished as I write this blog post, and the details in this case are immediately pointing to foul play. In fact, police in Shasta County have confirmed that Matthew Graham is a person of interest and has gone uncooperative in their investigation. Meanwhile, they've publicly declared that baby Ember may not be alive. So what are my thoughts on this disappearance?


My thoughts on Anjelica Hadsell's cause of death

Anjelica Hadsell's cause of death has finally been revealed after many, many weeks of waiting. As I wrote in this Inquisitr piece, the cause of death doesn't really answer any questions. Instead, we're left with more confusion and even more fragmented information on which to speculate.

AJ died by acute heroin poisoning -- in other words, a heroin overdose. However, it's not known if that heroin overdose was due to voluntary use of the dangerous narcotic, or if she was given the drug against her will in an act of homicide. Both of these theories are possible, whether anyone wants to believe them or not -- and plenty of people don't want to believe that this young woman was a drug user. I don't even want to, since she clearly doesn't fit the profile of a user. However, anything is possible, and since heroin poisoning played a role in her death it's important to consider the possibilities, no matter how unpleasant.