Aug 7, 2016

New Madeleine McCann book reveals a shocking new development in mysterious case

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The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann: What really happened?

It’s been nearly 10 years since the disappearance of British child, Madeleine McCann. Crime writer Chelsea Hoffman takes an analytical look at this international mystery, by comparing other missing children’s cases from around the world. The first major book published on this case in many years, The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann: What really happened? is a critical look at the evidence that has been produced in this case, against the missing child’s parents, along with theories of what could have happened to the little girl.


Chelsea Hoffman interviews someone who believes he may know where the body of Madeleine McCann is going to be found. This never-before-seen interview, within the book, sheds light on a possible government cover up in the disappearance of little Madeleine, along with a breaking update in the search for Madeleine, that has not yet been covered in British mainstream media. Will this individual be Maddie’s saving grace? Read The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann: What really happened? to find out!

Jul 11, 2016

Alert: Child missing in Fargo, North Dakota

Update -- 7/11/16 -- 11:24 p.m.: The missing child has been located safely.

Authorities in Fargo, North Dakota are looking for a six-year-old girl, who went missing this morning under unknown circumstances. Valley News Live reports that the little girl has only been identified by the name Prisskela at this time, but this case is still developing as police search for the missing child.

The missing six-year-old was last seen this morning, and was supposed to be attending a summer school program at Ed Clapp Elementary School. However, she never showed up, and hasn't been spotted since approximately 9:20 a.m.

Prisskela was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt with a fox on the front of it, and a pair of dark pants with white polka dots. She was also wearing a black coat at the time of her disappearance. Her hair is cut in to a short pixie-style-cut, and is dark in color. Authorities worry that she may have gotten off the bus at the wrong stop, so they are currently searching other schools in the area in hopes of locating her.

If you've seen this little girl or if you think you may know something about her disappearance, please do not hesitate to contact the Fargo Police Department.

Jun 30, 2016

Heather Elvis case: Are Sidney and Tammy Moorer innocent?

It has been more than two years since Heather Elvis vanished from the Myrtle Beach area, in a case that has South Carolina residents absolutely divided. Two people are accused of kidnapping -- and possibly murdering -- the missing South Carolina woman: A married couple by the names Sidney and Tammy Moorer. Over the course of the past two and a half years, authorities in South Carolina have focused specifically on the Moorers, attempting to put them on trial even though the publicized evidence against them doesn't seem like enough. In fact, murder charges against them have been totally dropped. This tells me that the prosecution does not have the proof to actually charge and convict the couple of killing the missing South Carolina woman, so what could that mean about the rest of the accusations against them?

Even though charges of murder against Sidney and Tammy have been dropped, the state is still pursuing kidnapping charges against them. However, Sidney Moorer's side of this process has just ended in a mistrial -- much to the disappointment of the virtual lynch mob headed by Heather's father Terry. The mistrial was supposedly declared because the jurors deadlocked on whether or not to convict the man of kidnapping his former lover. While 10 jurors wanted to convict, two would not. The trial will presumably be rescheduled, and Tammy's trial is supposed to begin sometime in the future.

There could be a number of reasons why jurors couldn't see eye-to-eye on whether or not Sidney Moorer is guilty in the kidnapping of Heather Elvis. Some people believe that there was a conflict of interest in the juror pool -- that one of the jurors happens to be a friend of Sidney's defense attorney. This is nothing that has been confirmed as a fact. At this time it is just gossip that hasn't been confirmed. If it's true, then certainly something will come of it. I'm not really convinced it is true, though.

Where is the actual evidence?
It seems that most of what has been used against Sidney and Tammy is little more than circumstantial evidence. One of those pieces of "evidence," that was mentioned during Sidney's recent trial, was the fact that he was seen purchasing a cigar and a pregnancy test around the time of Heather's disappearance. This was actually something that many thought was a rumor back in the early days of her disappearance, which was used to speculate that Heather may have been pregnant.

While it could still easily be speculated that Heather Elvis got pregnant before her disappearance, it needs to be noted that Tammy Caison Moorer was reported as pregnant around the time of her arrest. This is why the supposed surveillance footage of Sidney purchasing the pregnancy test is nothing more than circumstantial. It does not prove without a shadow of doubt that Heather Elvis was pregnant, nor does it prove without a shadow of doubt that Sidney had a thing to do with her disappearance. The timing looks suspect. That is certainly true, but it is not hardcore, irrefutable evidence to prove that Sidney took part in Heather's disappearance and/or death.

Now, let's talk about this cellphone evidence that was used against Sidney Moorer in court (again, mistrial by the way). Texts were sent from Sidney's phone to Heather's which were a little odd, and indicative that trouble certainly was present between the married couple and the now-missing woman. Sidney supposedly texted "Stop stalking me," to Heather. There were also messages which indicated that Tammy sent veiled threats to Heather, asking if she'd be interested in "meeting the Mrs." A forensic mapping of Heather's cellphone indicated that her phone had traveled from the direction of the Elvis residence, and then to the  boat landing where her car was ultimately found abandoned. No records indicate that her phone had been in the vicinity of the Moorer residence.

I also find it incredibly interesting that the expert who mapped Heather's phone for use as evidence against the Moorers, did not do the same for Tammy or Sidney Moorer's phones.

In regards to the veiled threats sent from (presumably) Tammy Moorer, it really doesn't prove anything either. It does seem suspicious, but only from a circumstantial standpoint. How many of us -- in fits of jealousy and/or anger -- have made similar comments to others who may have been threats to our relationships? I have admittedly threatened to knock a few women out over the course of the past 20 years that I've been in the dating and relationship arena. Emotions run high when you're "in love" with someone that another woman is trying to take away from you, and while most of the blame rests on the shoulders of the cheating partner, irrationality also rears its ugly head when one's "territory" is being invaded. We're only human -- and I am absolutely lucky that none of the women that I have confronted have gone missing or ended up murder. If Tammy and Sidney Moorer were not responsible for Heather's disappearance, then they have certainly fallen victim to some incredibly unfortunate circumstances.

Are Tammy and Sidney wrongly accused of kidnapping Heather Elvis?
This won't be a popular opinion, but I think it is highly probable. I cannot ignore the circumstantial evidence, because the circumstances are what they are. However, it's still circumstantial evidence -- and without any hardcore forensic proof, how are we so sure that this couple took any role in Heather's disappearance?

I find it troubling that, from the  beginning, investigators in Horry County have focused primarily on Tammy and Sidney. While they very well should have been a point of focus in this investigation, there should have been other avenues investigated as well. Heather Elvis lived a high-risk lifestyle, and was clearly not the "favorite" in her family. It was always rumored that she had been kicked out of her family's home more than once, and this was later confirmed during Sidney Moorer's trial.

I'm not insulting Heather's memory. I am simply stating known facts about this missing young woman, that should have been applied to the search for her from the beginning. However, Terry Elvis (her father) has done everything in his power to manipulate not only the investigation behind her disappearance, but the search for her  -- both physically and via social media. During the early days of her disappearance, this man downright refused to even acknowledge her tattoos, refusing to put them on any flyers, refusing to give descriptions of them. This was a narcissistic approach to looking for his daughter, who very well could have been kidnapped and murdered for all anybody knows. Tattoos are identifying marks that are absolutely necessary in searches for missing people, as well as identifying Jane and John Does. In fact, one of the very first flyers that focused on identifying her tattoos was designed personally by me. This only attracted personal attacks from Terry Elvis, who has behaved during this case more like a suspect than the two people who are being accused by Horry County prosecutors.

So do I think Tammy and Sidney are guilty of Heather's disappearance? While it's totally possible, I just don't see the evidence against them as being anything concrete. I believe Hoory County detectives have put all their eggs in to one basket without fully looking into this case, and I believe that the locals have played too easily in to the hands of Terry Elvis and the authorities who are behave as though they are being led by him. If Tammy and Sidney did kidnap or kill Heather, then there has to be solid forensic evidence against them. If they didn't, then someone out there is laughing his or her ass off at this ridiculous display of injustice.

Meanwhile, Heather Elvis is still missing, and it's safe to assume that she is dead. Until her remains are found (or by some extreme miracle she is found alive) nobody will really know for certain what happened to her. For all we know, Heather could have fallen in to a deep depression over Sidney rebuffing her attempts at being with him. She could have wandered away and killed herself the night she went missing. For all we know, she could have been at the boat landing minding her own business, and someone completely unknown by anyone in this case preyed on her opportunistically. Anything is possible, but there is tunnel vision locked on to Sidney and Tammy Moorer -- and again, I am just not convinced by circumstantial evidence. Show me DNA. Show me blood evidence. Show me a murder weapon. Show me something that proves without a shadow of doubt that Sidney and Tammy played an active role in Heather's disappearance and/or death.

Until that evidence is produced by the Moorer's accusers, I am just not going to be convinced. 

Jun 22, 2016

Sparks cold case: Who killed Tina Huston?

On October 30, 1995 -- Halloween Eve -- the body of  34-year-old Tina Huston was found violently murdered in her home. Her body was discovered by officers who were sent to her mobile home in Sparks, Nevada on a so-called "welfare check." However, it's never been clarified as to why they were sent on that welfare check in the first place. The details surrounding this 20-year-old cold case are still closely guarded by detectives, but what little that has been released indicates that this woman suffered a horrifyingly painful and brutal death. Who killed this woman, and why? Authorities in Northern Nevada have their work cut out for them with this case, but they remain dedicated to tracking down her killer, even after two decades.

What concerns me, first and foremost, is the date of her murder. Sometimes called "Halloween eve," the night before Halloween -- especially in the United States -- is of significant importance. This is the traditional night of "trickery" and mischief that leads up to the candy-filled festivities that Halloween night brings. In fact, the night before Halloween is often called "Mischief Night," and sometimes even "Devil's Night." This isn't to be confused with the British holiday "Mischief Night," which lands the night before Guy Fawkes Night. For the most part, "Mischief Night," is known for pranks and vandalism. However, there have been plenty of violent incidents in the United States which may or may not be connected to the unofficial holiday. Could this mean that Tina Huston was the victim of someone's twisted idea of some "Mischief Night" festivities? 

To be honest, the odds of Tina Huston's death being specifically related to Halloween are probably pretty slim. At the least, it's a creepy coincidence, and another scary element to a cold case that is already terrifying. Whether or not the holiday was part of the motive in association with her death, the fact remains that this woman was slain during the Halloween season in a horrifically violent crime that remains unsolved.

Detectives still won't release exactly how she died, or the manner in which her body was found in her Sparks home. However, they have referred to her death as both "brutal," and "very, very vicious." Her official cause of death is listed as blunt force trauma, but no other details exist for the public domain. They have also pointed out that this slain woman didn't live a high-risk lifestyle. She was known to be a hard-working mother, who was devoted to her children and the church she attended. She was a highly religious woman who lived a quiet life.

Authorities investigating this cold case have also stated their belief that this was not a random murder. They believe that the person(s) responsible for Tina Huston's death was someone she knew personally. 

Is this Jane Doe another Green River Serial Killer victim?

Gary Ridgway, aka "The Green River Killer," is one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history, but many of his victims still haven't been found. He was convicted of slaying 48 women, but he has notoriously claimed that the actual body count is close to double that number. Gary was active between the years 1982 and 2001 -- meaning he had an outrageous amount of time to pick off women at his leisure. With that said, is it possible that some of the unsolved Jane Doe cases that remain open (nationwide) could be victims of this notorious madman? One Jane Doe in particular was found in Spokane, Washington in 1984 -- a region that is more than familiar to the convicted murderer.

On June 20, 1984, the nude and dismembered body of an unidentified woman was found along the edge of the Spokane River. Her hands and feet have never been recovered, but in 1998 her skull was found in a vacant lot in Spokane. It's more than clear that this woman was the victim of a horrifying act, and her killer has evaded detection. That's absolutely because she's never been identified. Artist renderings of this Jane Doe are absolutely horrendous, and probably another factor in why this woman hasn't been identified (no offense, of course, because detectives have worked hard on this case for many years). Without a positive identification, it's difficult to find suspects, which ordinarily include acquaintances. That's unless, of course, the unidentified person is the victim of a twisted serial killer.

I cannot help but feel like Gary Ridgway may be able to offer insight on who this woman may be, or where she came from. The notorious Green River Killer has ties to Spokane, among many other areas. He was also known to dismember his victims, who were prostitutes. It's possible that this unidentified victim was a prostitute, which would explain another hurdle in trying to identify her. Prostitutes tend to live lifestyles that render them out of touch with loved ones. Also, in a lot of cases, incidents involving prostitutes are ignored by media and law enforcement. This makes them absolutely ideal targets for sex-crazed serial killers who like to operate somewhat under the radar. Of course, Gary Ridgway wasn't entirely under the radar, because he was investigated for several years before he was finally arrested on suspicion of serial murder.

What is known about this Jane Doe is that she had given birth to a child at least once, so there could absolutely be a grown adult out there wondering where their birth mother is, not even realizing that she's listed as a Jane Doe in Spokane, Washington. This adult child could be with extended family members of the unidentified woman, or he or she could have been placed up for adoption as a baby. There are so many scenarios, but until authorities are able to identify this Jane Doe, nothing is certain.

on Jun 22, 2016

Mineral County, Nevada: Are these two disappearances related?

Two women vanished from Mineral County, Nevada in 2005, and the circumstances surrounding their disappearances are quite similar. Could these two separate disappearances actually be related? Has someone gotten away with at least two violent crimes against older women in the areas of Luning and Hawthorne? It's absolutely possible, considering the similarities of the disappearances of both Molly Meyer and Nita Mayo.

On May 26, 2005, a 55-year-old woman named Molly Meyer seemed to vanish without a trace. The woman had been riding her bicycle from the state of Oklahoma, and had plans to ride it all the way to California. However, the NamUs report associated with this disappearance says that the missing woman's bike was stolen in New Mexico. Somehow, Molly Meyer ended up in Mineral County, Nevada -- the town of Luning. Contradictory missing person reports online indicate that she may have been spotted in Northern California. She was on foot when she was last seen in Luning, and had in her possession a dog, a purse and a suitcase. It has been over a decade and she still hasn't been found.

That very same year -- August 08, 2005 -- a 64-year-old woman named Nita Mayo was last seen in Hawthorne, Nevada. She was at a residence in the Mineral County town, but had plans to take a day trip to the Sonora, California region. She was never seen again. However, her car was later found abandoned near Sonora. There is a lot of information in this case -- more than the disappearance of Molly Meyer. In fact, a person of interest is being sought in her disappearance, though authorities have clarified that the person (a woman) isn't being treated as a suspect at this time.

Authorities are looking for 39-year-old Jewel Jeanne Rice -- a Colorado Springs woman who was in the area around the time that Nita Mayo's car ended up near Sonora. They have been seeking this woman since September 2005, and still haven't been able to locate her. If this woman knows anything about Nita Mayo's disappearance, is it possible that she knows something about Molly Meyer's as well?