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Tara Serino Said 'No' to the Wrong Man

Pennsylvania: A 19-year-old woman is dead, after she reportedly rebuffed her boyfriend's marriage proposal. It may seem like a story out of a different country, but it happened right in the area of Albany Township, Pennsylvania. The details of this story are absolutely horrific.

Tara Marie Serino was reported missing by her father on Wednesday, after she had failed to return home or make contact with loved ones. She had last been seen leaving her home to go see a friend named Christopher Ryan Tucker, whom she referred to as her "friend." Truth be told, the two of them had been seeing one another.

The search for Tara Serino only lasted briefly -- with the arrest of Christopher Ryan Tucker. The Pennsylvania man also openly admitted to killing his 19-year-old girlfriend, and led authorities to her body. Tucker told police that he asked the woman to marry him, but she told him 'no,' and stated that she had been "sleeping with other men." Tucker also claimed …

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