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I'm pissed off: Who's to blame for Trump's Nazi America

When I was a kid, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I witnessed the growing popularity of neo-Nazism flourish. I was too young to fully understand what skinheads were, other than the simple explanation given to me by my grandparents: "They don't like black people." I also understood -- as much as I could at the age of five-years-old -- that my grandparents were disgusted with skinheads, even though they themselves weren't too fond of dark-skinned people either. I grew up in a household where it was totally normal to hear the "N" word and any other multitude of slurs toward blacks, Jews, Mexicans, gays -- pretty much anyone that wasn't white and Christian. Nonetheless, I was taught that skinheads, neo-Nazis, anyone who falls under that category of people, were just evil subhumans. I knew, even at a young age, that even your average run-of-the-mill racist idiot hates skinheads, hates Nazis, hates hate-groups that want harm to come of specific minorities…
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Missing in Tennessee: Where is Rita May Eastes?

Update: Body found. Click here for more details.

Authorities in Knox County, Tennessee are looking for Rita May Eastes. The 56-year-old woman was reported missing by her daughter, who hasn't seen her since Thursday, August 10th. This is a developing case, so details are gradually making their way to the media. Meanwhile, this missing woman's loved ones are frantically looking for her. So what happened to Rita Eastes?

Rita May Eastes was last seen on Thursday, though the time of day hasn't been clarified by loved ones or media sources. WBIR News reports that she was last seen traveling in her 2012 Kia Sorento, silver, wearing a pink blouse. These are the only details available in the disappearance of the Tennessee woman. However, it must be noted that the Knox County Sheriff's "Major Crimes Unit" is investigating this disappearance. Could this mean that Rita May Eastes might have met foul play? With so few details available, it's impossible to speculate.


Do you recognize this jewelry?

Anne Arundel County, Maryland: The remains of a woman have been located in Maryland, and authorities are looking for help identifying her. In particular, they want to know if you recognize this woman's jewelry. The pictured articles were found with the remains, which were discovered near a construction site on July 11th of this year. Do you recognize them?

Documents submitted to Namus report that the unidentified woman could've been between 18 and 40-years-old. The woman's remains were nearly skeletal at the time of discovery, making it impossible to figure out a variety of factors, such as her ethnicity, height or weight.

Also unknown at this time: Whether or not this woman died by homicide, or if her death came by natural or other means. Medical examiners believe that this woman died sometimes in 2016, but are not sharing what has led them to this conclusion.

If you think you recognize this jewelry, please immediately contact the MD Chief Med Examiner at (410) 333-3225.