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Who murdered Lisa Bollaert?

It's been five years since 37-year-old Lisa Bollaert was brutally slain -- and the search for her killer has pretty much turned into a cold case investigation. The Tulsa, Oklahoma woman was last seen hitchhiking from New York to Tulsa, and was staying in a Salvation Army shelter. She wasn't missing very long before her badly beaten body was found wrapped in a garbage bag. 

Grainy surveillance footage shows a man who may know what have happened to her -- and could very well be the man responsible for what happened to her. However, that is all investigators have: grainy footage. There are no names, no persons of interest, no suspects. It's as though this woman's killer has completely gotten away with it.


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I don't address these situations very often, because I'd really rather ignore the unpleasant stuff that is said about me online. Being a public figure, someone who has a small degree of celebrity status, I have learned to accept that there are a lot of mean-spirited people online. You see them everywhere: In the comments on Youtube, the comments on media reports, and using 'anonymous' or obviously fake Facebook accounts to comment on various community pages and groups. They're trolls, and they like to incite emotional responses from people whether those responses be angry or despaired. Psychologists have noted proven connections between internet trolls and mental/behavioral disorders such as borderline personality disorder. So truly, the behavior of online trolls is the behavior that certain individuals have expressed for thousands of years. They are sadists.