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My thoughts on the Noah Terry Thomas disappearance

Virginia child Noah Terry Thomas has been missing now for a handful of days under circumstances that are a little questionable. Police officials -- along with volunteers -- have searched the wooded area surrounding his home for days with no success, not even picking up any scent with search dogs or any evidence indicating that he ever wandered through the area. These details concern me since the story being given by the boy's family involve him wandering out of his home while he was supposed to be watching television on Sunday morning. Here we are three days later. So where is the evidence supporting the current story?

I want to examine the circumstances surrounding this child's disappearance, and take a look at the various theories in his case that can be considered. Did this child really wander away on his own into the dangers of the great outdoors -- or did he fall victim to foul play?


My thoughts on the Denise Huskins disappearance

Update: She has been found, safe and unharmed, still claiming to had been kidnapped. Read the report here. It looks like both Denise and her boyfriend were in on a kidnapping hoax in an attempt to extort a large amount of money. 
Right now authorities in Vallejo, California are looking for Denise Huskins. The 30-year-old woman has been missing since Tuesday afternoon under some downright strange circumstances. Her boyfriend reported her missing at close to 2:00 p.m., telling authorities that she was forcefully kidnapped, and is being held for ransom. He said that her kidnappers -- who have not been identified or described in any way in the media -- took her in her own car. The car has since been found, believed to had been driven away from where she was allegedly kidnapped, and dumped. If you're feeling suspicious about this, you're not alone.