Jun 22, 2016

Sparks cold case: Who killed Tina Huston?

On October 30, 1995 -- Halloween Eve -- the body of  34-year-old Tina Huston was found violently murdered in her home. Her body was discovered by officers who were sent to her mobile home in Sparks, Nevada on a so-called "welfare check." However, it's never been clarified as to why they were sent on that welfare check in the first place. The details surrounding this 20-year-old cold case are still closely guarded by detectives, but what little that has been released indicates that this woman suffered a horrifyingly painful and brutal death. Who killed this woman, and why? Authorities in Northern Nevada have their work cut out for them with this case, but they remain dedicated to tracking down her killer, even after two decades.

What concerns me, first and foremost, is the date of her murder. Sometimes called "Halloween eve," the night before Halloween -- especially in the United States -- is of significant importance. This is the traditional night of "trickery" and mischief that leads up to the candy-filled festivities that Halloween night brings. In fact, the night before Halloween is often called "Mischief Night," and sometimes even "Devil's Night." This isn't to be confused with the British holiday "Mischief Night," which lands the night before Guy Fawkes Night. For the most part, "Mischief Night," is known for pranks and vandalism. However, there have been plenty of violent incidents in the United States which may or may not be connected to the unofficial holiday. Could this mean that Tina Huston was the victim of someone's twisted idea of some "Mischief Night" festivities? 

To be honest, the odds of Tina Huston's death being specifically related to Halloween are probably pretty slim. At the least, it's a creepy coincidence, and another scary element to a cold case that is already terrifying. Whether or not the holiday was part of the motive in association with her death, the fact remains that this woman was slain during the Halloween season in a horrifically violent crime that remains unsolved.

Detectives still won't release exactly how she died, or the manner in which her body was found in her Sparks home. However, they have referred to her death as both "brutal," and "very, very vicious." Her official cause of death is listed as blunt force trauma, but no other details exist for the public domain. They have also pointed out that this slain woman didn't live a high-risk lifestyle. She was known to be a hard-working mother, who was devoted to her children and the church she attended. She was a highly religious woman who lived a quiet life.

Authorities investigating this cold case have also stated their belief that this was not a random murder. They believe that the person(s) responsible for Tina Huston's death was someone she knew personally. 

Is this Jane Doe another Green River Serial Killer victim?

Gary Ridgway, aka "The Green River Killer," is one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history, but many of his victims still haven't been found. He was convicted of slaying 48 women, but he has notoriously claimed that the actual body count is close to double that number. Gary was active between the years 1982 and 2001 -- meaning he had an outrageous amount of time to pick off women at his leisure. With that said, is it possible that some of the unsolved Jane Doe cases that remain open (nationwide) could be victims of this notorious madman? One Jane Doe in particular was found in Spokane, Washington in 1984 -- a region that is more than familiar to the convicted murderer.

On June 20, 1984, the nude and dismembered body of an unidentified woman was found along the edge of the Spokane River. Her hands and feet have never been recovered, but in 1998 her skull was found in a vacant lot in Spokane. It's more than clear that this woman was the victim of a horrifying act, and her killer has evaded detection. That's absolutely because she's never been identified. Artist renderings of this Jane Doe are absolutely horrendous, and probably another factor in why this woman hasn't been identified (no offense, of course, because detectives have worked hard on this case for many years). Without a positive identification, it's difficult to find suspects, which ordinarily include acquaintances. That's unless, of course, the unidentified person is the victim of a twisted serial killer.

I cannot help but feel like Gary Ridgway may be able to offer insight on who this woman may be, or where she came from. The notorious Green River Killer has ties to Spokane, among many other areas. He was also known to dismember his victims, who were prostitutes. It's possible that this unidentified victim was a prostitute, which would explain another hurdle in trying to identify her. Prostitutes tend to live lifestyles that render them out of touch with loved ones. Also, in a lot of cases, incidents involving prostitutes are ignored by media and law enforcement. This makes them absolutely ideal targets for sex-crazed serial killers who like to operate somewhat under the radar. Of course, Gary Ridgway wasn't entirely under the radar, because he was investigated for several years before he was finally arrested on suspicion of serial murder.

What is known about this Jane Doe is that she had given birth to a child at least once, so there could absolutely be a grown adult out there wondering where their birth mother is, not even realizing that she's listed as a Jane Doe in Spokane, Washington. This adult child could be with extended family members of the unidentified woman, or he or she could have been placed up for adoption as a baby. There are so many scenarios, but until authorities are able to identify this Jane Doe, nothing is certain.

on Jun 22, 2016

Mineral County, Nevada: Are these two disappearances related?

Two women vanished from Mineral County, Nevada in 2005, and the circumstances surrounding their disappearances are quite similar. Could these two separate disappearances actually be related? Has someone gotten away with at least two violent crimes against older women in the areas of Luning and Hawthorne? It's absolutely possible, considering the similarities of the disappearances of both Molly Meyer and Nita Mayo.

On May 26, 2005, a 55-year-old woman named Molly Meyer seemed to vanish without a trace. The woman had been riding her bicycle from the state of Oklahoma, and had plans to ride it all the way to California. However, the NamUs report associated with this disappearance says that the missing woman's bike was stolen in New Mexico. Somehow, Molly Meyer ended up in Mineral County, Nevada -- the town of Luning. Contradictory missing person reports online indicate that she may have been spotted in Northern California. She was on foot when she was last seen in Luning, and had in her possession a dog, a purse and a suitcase. It has been over a decade and she still hasn't been found.

That very same year -- August 08, 2005 -- a 64-year-old woman named Nita Mayo was last seen in Hawthorne, Nevada. She was at a residence in the Mineral County town, but had plans to take a day trip to the Sonora, California region. She was never seen again. However, her car was later found abandoned near Sonora. There is a lot of information in this case -- more than the disappearance of Molly Meyer. In fact, a person of interest is being sought in her disappearance, though authorities have clarified that the person (a woman) isn't being treated as a suspect at this time.

Authorities are looking for 39-year-old Jewel Jeanne Rice -- a Colorado Springs woman who was in the area around the time that Nita Mayo's car ended up near Sonora. They have been seeking this woman since September 2005, and still haven't been able to locate her. If this woman knows anything about Nita Mayo's disappearance, is it possible that she knows something about Molly Meyer's as well? 

Jun 21, 2016

Cold case in Dayton: Where are Beverly and Gordon Brehm?

Authorities in Dayton, Nevada have a cold case mystery on their hands that's gone approximately eight years without being solved. On November 28, 2008, 74-year-old Beverly Brehm disappeared from her home -- along with her 69-year-old brother Gordon Brehm. The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of these two family members are mostly unknown, but a suicide within the household, years later, seems more than a little strange. What happened to these two Northern Nevada residents, and why haven't detectives been able to bring closure to their loved ones for the better part of a decade?

People who knew Beverly Brehm say that she was acting more and more "reclusive" after she had quit her job (place of employment not published in reports). The NamUs report on this case says that her former husband was living in the home with both her and her 69-year-old brother Gordon around the time of her disappearance. For the most part, it seems that this was the extent of her family, at least according to what the available information about her indicates. She was reportedly estranged from her children and kept to herself -- a personality trait that has probably made it all the more difficult to solve her disappearance.

Gordon Brehm moved in with Beverly and her ex-husband in 2006, but little else is known about him. There are also no photos of him published online, or any reports that may highlight any circumstances around his disappearance. No police reports are published online as well, so it's not known if any thorough investigation had been done surrounding the disappearance of this man and his older sister.

The ex-husband of Beverly Brehm committed suicide in January 2013. While the NamUs report does not name the man, a Find a Grave page appears to identify him as James Albert MacTavish. There are no readily available news reports covering this suicide, nor have authorities in Dayton or Yerington (the department investigating the Brehms' disappearances) made any public comments about what they believe may have happened.

It's easy to feel suspicion toward the ex-husband of the missing elderly woman. However, there is no indication that he killed himself out of guilt. No evidence has ever been discussed in this case in the public domain, so for all that is known, the man could have committed suicide for any number of reasons. Guilt could very well be a reason behind the suicide, but so could grief from loss, among many other reasons.

Is foul play suspected in this double disappearance? Police have never indicated any such line of thought, but at the same time they have played this case so close to their chests that it wouldn't be hard to believe that hardly anybody has even heard of these two missing people. That's a shame, because with mass awareness comes a stronger push to find the missing -- and that's important.

What do you think happened to the Dayton, Nevada woman and her brother? Could the suicide of her ex-husband be any indication of what might have taken place on November 28, 2008?

Northern Nevada Jane Doe: Can you identify this unidentified victim?

Detectives in Carson City need help identifying a woman who was found in a shallow grave on March 17, 2015. She was discovered by someone who was walking in the area north of Lone Mountain Cemetery. The NamUs report says that he discovered her by noticing a tennis shoe sticking from a mound of earth. The woman's remains were skeletal, but tissue was still attached, which indicates that she may not have been dead for super long time. In fact, authorities believe she could have been dead for approximately a year. Detectives believe she may have died sometime in 2014.

She is described as a white female between the ages of 42 and 71. Several images exist of her remains, but they don't seem to be very useful in identifying her. Artist renderings of the woman may help, but so far nobody has come forward to identify her or share any information that might lead to a positive match.

Authorities have also not confirmed whether or not this woman was an actual homicide victim, nor have they released a cause of death -- if they even know it. However, the fact that she was buried in a shallow grave north of the cemetery is a pretty stark indication that this woman was a victim of a crime. At the very least her body was dumped, which is a crime in and of itself. The short and sweet fact of the matter: Someone knows who this woman is and how she ended up put in a shallow hole in the ground. That person needs to be brought to justice, whether it's for murder or illegally concealing human remains.
So far, a small number of missing women have been ruled out as not being this unidentified woman. However, there are thousands of women missing in the United States, many of which disappeared between 2012 and the beginning of 2015. This decedent could have been a missing woman from anywhere in the country, only to end up in Carson City in a shallow grave. On the other hand, this could be someone local to the area -- a Northern Nevada resident -- who has not been reported missing by her loved ones. Anything is possible in this case because authorities appear to have absolutely no clue who this woman is and how she ended up where she was found a little over a year ago.

If you think you might recognize someone (who is missing) that resembles the artist rendering, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities in Carson City, Nevada. Any suggestions of who this woman might be is helpful. The more people are ruled out, the closer authorities will get to actually identifying her and hopefully bringing her the justice she deserves.

Michael Jackson was a pedophile who collected animal torture porn

Not that it's a surprise or anything, but Michael Jackson actually was a sexual deviant with disgusting perversions. Documents associated with past investigations into allegations against the so-called "King of Pop," have revealed a slew of horrifying details. In fact, the things revealed by court docs and police reports have me wondering why this man kept slipping through the cracks of justice.

According to documents, authorities discovered a stockpile of deviant pornographic images and videos, which depicted outrageously violent acts against both women, children and animals. An investigator on the case wrote (on the reports) that the evidence found in Jackson's home revealed his true character.

"The documents exposed Jackson as a manipulative, drug-and-sex-crazed predator who used blood, gore, sexually explicit images of animal sacrifice and perverse adult sex acts to bend children to his will."

Among Michael Jackson's collection, there were images of animal torture, women in sadomasochistic situations, and children being sexually tortured. If all of this is true -- and it appears to be -- then why in the actual hell did Michael Jackson get away with it? He had been accused multiple times since the 1990s of inappropriate sexual behavior against children. If these items were found in his possession during those investigations, then he should have -- at the  very, very least -- been charged and convicted of possessing child pornography. That's especially since investigators believe that he used these materials to groom children with the intent to sexually abuse them. In other words, Michael Jackson was indeed a sexual predator, and he got away with it. He got away with it even though authorities claim to have the evidence that absolutely proved that he was a pedophile and sexual deviant.

Of course, there will probably be people out there calling bullshit on this story, and they will undoubtedly believe that detectives have intentionally waited until Michael died before releasing information that will absolutely demolish what reputation he has left. Do you think that this evidence is all fabricated because detectives and prosecutors are still sore about Michael being acquitted?

Personally, I believe detectives found this evidence against Jackson during their investigations against him. However, I am absolutely sickened that he was never even so much as charged with possession of completely illegal pornography. I am inclined to believe that power, money and influence had a lot to do with Michael Jackson getting away with the crimes of which he was accused. I believe that even more now that these documents have been revealed.
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