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Dear Jodi: Sending letters to Jodi Arias

As many of you already know, I communicate with prison inmates from time to time via written correspondence. In particular, I correspond with convicted murderers and serial killers in order to study them and learn about them for my own personal enrichment. Well, I've decided that the next inmate I will begin writing letters to is none other than Jodi Arias.

I have many questions for the woman convicted of killing Travis Alexander -- and I'm sure all of you do too. One of the main questions I want to ask -- and that's been requested that I ask by fans on the Case to Case fan page -- is whether or not she'd do it again given the chance.

I'll keep you guys posted on any updates -- if I receive any responses from Jodi.


Travis Alexander crime scene and autopsy photos

Warning: The following photos depict imagery that is unsuitable for some readers. Please do not read further if you are easily distressed or if you have a weak stomach.

The murder of Travis Alexander was a brutal and horrific event that still has people shocked even seven years later. Jodi Arias has been convicted of that murder and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, closing the case once and for all. Even though this case is closed, the photos of the crime scene and autopsy exist as a reminder of the brutality he suffered at the hands of a woman who claimed to love him.