Kristy Kelley case profile Part I

Kristy Kelley vanished in the early morning hours of Friday, August 15, 2014. Now her loved ones are seeking answers, but there are very few details on which to speculate. However, the latest developments in this missing woman's case seem to indicate a possible connection between her disappearance and the recent disappearance of another missing woman less than 20 miles away.

I've already speculated upon the possible connection between Kristy's case and the disappearance of Joelle Lockwood. And upon learning more information about Kristy's whereabouts and activity prior to her disappearance, it's easier to draw a connection between her case and Lockwood's -- and maybe even other missing women in the region. She was reportedly heading to a popular late night dive when she was last seen -- something that is being omitted from many media reports. The particular bar she was allegedly going to is known to be a pretty rowdy place that attracts a colorful crowd of people. However, it's not even known if she went to this bar because her mother -- via Facebook -- claims otherwise (does she know for a fact, though? That's the question).

If police can eliminate foul play caused by a lover or former lover (such as her ex husband or anyone who knew her) then it's likely that a serial predator played a role in her disappearance. Especially since so many people are missing in Indiana -- in particular a handful of those cases are currently active!

I will be watching this case closely from here on out...


Robert Trucks thinks violence against women is funny

First he thought it was funny that a pregnant woman was victim in the knockout-game. Then he took it a little further.
Never mind the fact that he misspelled my name even though it was right in front of him. Nobody said men from Alabama were intelligent.

What I wonder is if Killin' Time Charters and Northern Guide Service knows that their "chief executive officer" condones violence against women, including pregnant crime victims? See photo and link below:


This was his response to this blog post.